Host a Made to Move Meet-Up

We’re looking for local leaders to host race day gatherings this June 12! While we can’t all be together in-person this year, small groups of women around the country will be able to gather, connect and run in-person on race day.


All meet-ups will be an extension of our Made to Move Women’s Race Series, thus an extension of our goals, values and branding standards. Applying is easy, and we’re excited to ripple out the mission of our race to communities across the country and world.

Meet-ups can be hosted by individuals as well as organizations, local running groups or small businesses. 

These gatherings will be in YOUR town, and we’ll ensure you’re supported in all the planning. 

If you’re interested in being an official local MTM leader, here are our requirements:

Keep it simple and fun – We don’t want you to overthink hosting! At its core, running is simple and this meet-up should reflect that ease. Don’t worry about all the frills. The most important requirement of a successful meet-up is the passion and heart of the woman hosting it! 

Inclusivity – All meet-ups must be inclusive and fully aligned with our Made to Move values and DEI commitment. Our race welcomes all female-identifying athletes, runners, walkers and non-binary and gender-nonconforming individuals. This welcome extends to all local meet-ups as well.

Registered – All hosts must be registered for the Made to Move race. If the meet-up is hosted by an organization or group, we do require the lead contact within the organization be registered for the race. This ensures that the spirit and energy of the Made to Move race is present within your meet-up. 

Public – The goal of meet-ups is offering women a public space to gather and connect. Your meet-up location, time and details will be public for women to find and learn more. These details will be housed on our website and shared with our larger community via email and social. As a host, you will need to manage and serve as the admin for your Facebook event page. Beyond this, you will not have to share any personal information to host an event.  

COVID compliant – We know every county’s guidelines are different and continually changing. As a host, you will be in charge of understanding your county’s guidelines leading up to race day and communicating information as needed as it relates to COVID health and safety guidelines in your area. Your event is expected to follow local safety guidelines as it relates to gatherings. 

Free – We ask that your event be free for women to show up and participate; depending on the city and location, we understand women may incur costs to show up and attend (like parking or entrance fees, etc.). Also, if including a post-run food or beverage option, we ask that you are mindful of cost and atmosphere so that women do not feel obligated or excluded by not purchasing. 

Teamwork – You will work with a MTM team member on setting up your Facebook event page with official MTM names, images, descriptions, links, etc. Our team will supply you with everything!

Date – We encourage all meet-ups to gather on June 12th if possible. We will consider meet-up alternatives on June 11 and 13 if needed and/or logistics require it.  

Hosting a meet-up may not be for you if:

  • You’d rather run with a small group of close friends
  • Managing your local COVID guidelines feels a bit overwhelming
  • Hosting a public event on Facebook is not your jam
  • You’d rather run solo and do your own thing!


Questions and answers:

Do women have to be registered for Made To Move to attend an in-person meet-up?

No, they do not, but to experience the full love and support of our race day efforts, we sure hope they will!!! We’ll be asking every meet-up leader to encourage women to officially register, more so to connect in to all our messaging, virtual programming and support. It makes a difference when you are connected to the energy source! That said, we would not turn away any woman who shows up ready to run, connect and be part of race day. We’ll trust our local meet-up leaders to foster community and participation in whatever way works best!

Is there a capacity limit on meet-ups? What if my city still has restrictions on outdoor gatherings?

We recognize that every county may be in a different stage of re-opening this June, which is why every meet-up leader will be responsible for adhering to local gathering capacity restrictions. 

What if there’s already someone hosting a meet-up in my area? Can I still host my own?

This is a great question, and the answer is — we’ll see! This organization and communication will be very thoughtful and personal to the geographic area and women hosting. For instance, larger cities may need multiple meet-ups while we’ll encourage smaller communities to join forces and co-host a single meet-up. 

So there’s no minimum on meet-ups? What if it’s JUST ME that shows up?

There is NOT a minimum on meet-ups. And in the event that it IS just you, own it. You put it out there, you were courageous and you showed up. That said, once you sign-up to host, start spreading the word and invite women to attend!

What is the deadline to apply?

We are encouraging applications by April 30.


Still have questions? Please contact Jen at