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Many Stories, One Movement
On a journey? Then you belong here. Every woman has a story, and Fellow Flowers is the space for sharing them. We started as a group of women training for a race, and ended up running ourselves into a nationwide movement. Now, we’re a virtual sisterhood united through story, strength, celebration, and one powerful symbol—the flower we wear as we pound the pavement. Over 30,000 women have joined Fellow Flowers so far (and a few supportive men, too). Now it’s your turn to put your best foot forward. You can do it—we know, because we did. And we’ve got your back. Learn More
So, What’s with the Flower?
The flower you wear gets to the heart of why you run. We have 13 different colors, each offering important messages that fuel the purpose behind your miles and workouts. By wearing it, you gain the opportunity to honor your own story while connecting with other women owning theirs. We all run our own race in life and on the pavement, but the flower lets us find fierce friendships and encouragement along the way. Learn More
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4 heartbreaking (but very common) reasons we don’t set goals

We are heading into our sixth year of hosting Declare It Day, and in the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with women about goal-setting, I’ve noticed a few repeating themes as to why women struggle in setting goals for themselves. I’ve also noticed these themes don’t discriminate – they are universally powerful and pervasive. Women

To new beginnings…

Hello ladies, I wanted to check in and say hello as we kick off another exciting year! (So much fun ahead.) I also want to give you a couple important updates here in flower world. If you have been following our journey this past year, you’ll notice that things have looked a bit different. I