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So, What’s with the Flower?
The flower you wear gets to the heart of why you run. We have 13 different colors, each offering important messages that fuel the purpose behind your miles and workouts. By wearing it, you gain the opportunity to honor your own story while connecting with other women owning theirs. We all run our own race in life and on the pavement, but the flower lets us find fierce friendships and encouragement along the way. Learn More
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Showing up and loving hard

During our Flower Hour virtual chat a couple of Fridays ago, I shared this idea of sending shirts to our country’s frontline heroes. I talked about not really knowing how we’d do it or what it would look like, but that I was determined to find a way to bring hope — even if just

‘I am here too’: Nora’s story

Nora Clement’s story began with a challenge, but as her mom Sarah has always insisted, it doesn’t define her. Courageous, conscientious, kind, talented — those words are much better descriptors of this 14-year-old Michigan freshman whose brave spirit inspired the Believe flower. We asked the aspiring writer to share more about herself and her story. Please

Stepping into brave: Sarah’s story

We don’t get to choose the moments that change our lives. But if we’re brave, we let them make us stronger. When Sarah Weaver was pregnant with her daughter Nora, she had no indication that one of her baby’s chromosomal proteins had shifted in the first weeks of development, causing a dysplasia. Only when Nora