Fellow Flowers Crew

Welcome to your Fellow Flowers® Crew, the virtual sisterhood for women who run and move! 

How to join:

Sign up here. It’s free and takes just a minute to complete.

Sign-up is required as we work very hard to ensure the FFCrew is a safe and inclusive space for every woman who joins. Also, it’s important we are able to communicate with you via email should Facebook group policies change.

What’s the FFCrew?

Our FFCrew connects, inspires and motivates our global community of active women.

This group is free to join and focuses on the stories behind our movement. Whether your sport is running, biking, strength training, yoga or something else, the FFCrew is where your motivation and reasons for moving can be shared.

We believe there are stories behind every woman who is out there putting one foot in front of the other, whether on the pavement or in life. If we are all running toward the best version of ourselves, we deserve a space to celebrate not just the miles, but the moments of transformation along the way.

When a woman wants to connect with other strong and empowered women who are out there training, running, moving, dreaming and CHASING goals, she knows she needs to be part of something bigger than herself.

When a woman realizes that running has changed her in the most beautiful and stunning ways, she realizes it’s time to pay it forward and cheer on other women who are seeking that same joy and purpose.


How many women are part of the FFCrew?

This incredible community has more than a thousand women from around the world.

What does it cost to join the FFCrew?

The FFCrew is a FREE women’s community.

Does it matter where I live? Can anyone in the country or world join?

It doesn't matter where you live! Anyone — from anywhere — can join. We have meet-ups and events, but most of our connection is virtual.

Why are you doing this? What’s the drive behind it?

Because more than ever and despite our ever-increasing connected world, women are lonely. We are craving real, true and authentic connection. The FFCrew has existed and thrived since 2015 because we’ve never veered from its mission: women supporting women in whatever they do.

Women want to be seen and heard for who they are, and that is what Mel does on a daily basis with the FFCrew.

Finish lines, goals, dreams. It doesn’t matter, we support each other and cheer each other on.

The FFCrew is for you if …

You’re a woman who moves her body with intention.

You are looking for connection with other women.

You’ve made health, emotional wellness and fitness a priority.

You enjoy celebrating the wins of life, both small and big.

You enjoy connecting with like-minded women.

You find ways to lift others up.

You’ve found exercise to be an outlet during times of struggle.

You enjoy learning about the proper ways to fuel your body.

You dig deeper. You fight harder. You fall. You rise stronger.

You believe in supporting other women.

You get inspired watching other women succeed.

Are you ready?

Join us here!