The Mantra Series: Truth

September 6-October 7, 2023

Welcome to the time of year when life gets busier, when everything seems to pick back up in full force, when we get bombarded and pulled, when the “shoulds” start to pile up all around us.

Our suggestion: Don’t try to keep up with everything, and don’t try to be all things. Instead, pause, get quiet and tune into YOUR TRUTH — your wise inner knowing and personal north star — and let it guide you in this season.

All through the Truth chapter of our Mantra Series, we’ll offer inspiration and guidance in how to do it, and celebrate one another as we take steps toward it.

In acknowledgement of the fullness of this season, we’re keeping this Truth chapter as light, easy and pressure-free as possible. Here’s what’s in store:

• A beautiful collection of Truth-inspired accessories, including a journal, an art print, a new edition of Tell Her cards, a greeting card, magnets, stickers and decals. They’re gorgeous and thoughtful items to gift to friends or keep for yourself as reminders to keep choosing your truth. Click here to shop the collection!

• A Truth writing series led by Kim Anderson, a loyal member of the Fellow Flowers community. We are so excited to bring this to you, as Kim is so full of talent, wisdom and insight, and so generous in sharing it with all of us. We won’t be hosting this as a challenge, on a private Facebook group; instead, you’ll receive a weekly email with a message and some questions or prompts to consider. You can take this at your own pace, on your own time — there’s no wrong way. Watch your email for messages beginning in mid-September.

We can’t wait to dig into the rich and affirming messages and meanings of the Truth flower, and to see where a reconnection and recommitment to our own unique, beautiful and powerful personal truths will lead us.