The Mantra Series: Strength

 January 11-March 11, 2023

This flower holds such powerful meaning for so many women, but there are softer and unexpected sides to it too. We’ll create space for a beautiful range of interpretations and applications, and we have so many exciting opportunities for you to connect. 

Here’s what you can expect: 

• A brand-new Strength Collection filled with tanks, tees and sweatshirts; three gorgeous necklaces offered in collaboration by Erica Sara; a new Strength-inspired collection of Tell Her cards; mugs, magnets and a beautiful journal with Mels words and prompts. Shop now!

• Our first-ever Strength Challenge led by Teresa Fosdick, a trainer and longtime member of the Fellow Flowers and #FFCrew community! This six-week challenge is totally free to join and it will build on the awesome momentum started in our Holiday Challenge. Teresa will lead you through a plan that can easily be adapted to your lifestyle and fitness level, and she’ll share wisdom and inspiration along the way on the private challenge Facebook group. The challenge kicks off on January 22. Click here to join!

Declare It Day, this year with THREE unique declarations to choose from, all inspired by aspects of the Strength flower. We know women are chasing a wide range of goals these days, and we want to honor each womans journey. Pick a luxe printed declaration to be delivered to you before February 4 — this year’s Declare It Day — or opt for a downloadable version, and we will also have a bunch of digital goodies for you to use on social media. Explore now!

Journal prompts and storytelling! In addition to a powerful piece by Mel, we’ll be sharing stories, perspectives and prompts from women in the Her Whole Story community. Have a Strength story you’d like to share? Email to talk more. Otherwise, simply watch your email for all this thoughtful content to arrive. 

We truly hope that this celebration of Strength and Mantra Series inspire you to step more boldly into your story, connect with other women and become who you are meant to be. Thanks for being here!