The Mantra Series: Joy

June 12-August 12, 2023

Who couldn’t use a little sunshine? Some fun? A bit of a boost? That’s why we are thrilled to celebrate Joy as the the next chapter of our Mantra Series!

Seeking out joy is so important. Without it — without laughter, levity and positivity — life can feel pretty heavy. Of course, finding fun doesn’t mean tough stuff isn’t happening; but what it does mean is we deserve all the moments of light we can find, and they may be precisely what we need to get through the hard moments.  

This summer, we’ll be celebrating the messages, mantras and meanings of our beloved yellow flower. Here’s what’s in store:

• A big and bold collection of Joy-inspired apparel and accessories to make this a summer of fun! And maaaayyybe a few FFCrew pieces. Shop now!

• A five-week Joy Challenge celebrating the intersection of movement, fun, friendship and summer. It’ll be led by an awesome #goalsquad of running friends from the Fellow Flowers community. Click here to join!

• A storytelling series highlighting our challenge leaders, packing in inspiration, perspective and joy. Watch your email for the stories! 

We hope this intentional focus on Joy will help you fill your days with friendship, fun, laughter and sunshine.