Stronger Together Details

Our Stronger Together collection of shirts is designed to meet the moment we find ourselves in today, and to support our heroes serving on the front lines.

With this collection, we are offering three different ways to purchase:

1) At the normal full price, if you are buying for yourself or a friend.

2) At a discounted rate, if you are buying for someone you know serving on the front lines. Our goal is to get these shirts to the women and men who deserve them most, without cost being a limiting factor. Also, if you need an uplifting message right now but are not in a place to purchase one, we've got you. Please use the discounted rate. 

3) Through sponsoring. This new option allows you to purchase one or several shirts that Fellow Flowers will distribute to women and men serving on the front lines. 

By purchasing a sponsored shirt, you are giving Fellow Flowers full discretion to choose the frontline hero who needs it. You also understand this is a purchase, not a gift or donation, and you will not receive the shirts yourself. We will handle all the shipping!

A few things to keep in mind: 

Each shirt purchased at our discounted or sponsor price comes with a small note card with the option to write a personal message on the back. You can indicate your message as you place your order.

Please note, our online shop allows for only ONE shipping address per purchase. If you plan on ordering a shirt for a friend, you can:

- Ship your order to yourself!

Send out and deliver any tees that you purchased for your friends, loved ones, etc.

- Let us ship it for you!

Put your friend’s address in the ‘mail to’ option and it will go straight to her or him. A card will be included letting the recipient know it’s from you. (We’ll hand write your name!) Please note if you have three friends you want us to send shirts to, you would have to enter three separate online transactions.


I’m sponsoring a shirt but also ordering gear for myself — can you split my order and send to two different addresses?

No, sorry. If you’re including items for yourself, we recommend shipping everything to your address and then mailing/delivering to your friend.

If Fellow Flowers ships a shirt directly to my friend, how will she know it’s from me?

We will hand write your name on the custom card that comes with her shirt. We will use the exact first name you put in the ‘ship to’ address! 

What is the estimated shipping time?

We are printing these shirts as quickly as possible! Packages are sent out via USPS First Class mail from our location in Wisconsin, and tracking numbers are included. We estimate all packages will be sent out within 2-3 weeks, pending any updates or adjustments the USPS makes to delivery times. We appreciate your patience!

If you have additional questions, please contact If your question pertains specifically to an order, please email

We thank you for your support in showing up #strongertogether for our heroes in this unprecedented time.