Strength Challenge

Welcome to the Her Whole Story Strength Challenge! This challenge is an exciting component of our new Mantra Series, and we are thrilled to have Teresa Fosdick taking the lead.

Here’s everything you need to know ...

Length + Format

This is a six-week challenge that takes place on a private Facebook group. (Click here to join!) The timeframe is January 22-March 4. Each Sunday, Teresa will have a workout plan for you, and she will show up regularly through the week to offer wisdom and motivation, answer questions and guide you in modifying the plan for your fitness level and lifestyle. Simply show up and Teresa’s got you!


Free!! We really wanted there to be no cost barrier to participating in this challenge, and we hope it builds on the momentum started just a few weeks ago in the #FFHolidayChallenge. Invite your girlfriends and let’s get stronger together. Click here to join! 

Your Leader

Teresa Fosdick is a certified wellness practitioner, nutrition coach and personal trainer. She’s part of the coaching team at Custom Fitness Specialists in Madison, Wisconsin, a dedicated CrossFitter and an accomplished athlete, with two Ironman-distance triathlons and many marathons under her belt. As a wife and mother of two, with more than a decade of experience as a nurse, Teresa understands the challenges and importance of balancing family and work while still prioritizing health and wellness. Read more about Teresa here.

Are you ready?? Click here to join!