Made to Move Virtual Teams


Please note that registration for virtual teams for our 2021 race is now closed.

A highlight of Made to Move 2021 are our virtual teams — 13 groups celebrating the reasons why women run, inspired by the Fellow Flowers signature flowers and led by truly amazing women all across the country.

When you register for the race, you will be able to sign up for a team, choosing the message that best aligns with your goals, spirit and reason for running. Let’s get to know the teams and the women leading them! 


Joy: Authentic. Joy, happiness and confidence. To smile for a reason. To appreciate sunshine. To find your happy. Embraces laughter, believes in dreams. I run because I get to. 

Led by Kim Cooper of Boynton Beach, Florida 

To me, running is about finding myself in many ways and applying it in my daily life. Be it alone time with my thoughts and feelings, strength, resilience, fun, connection with others, believing I can, it all seems to help with how I view and move forward in my life. You can learn a lot during your runs and sometimes nothing at all but just being in the moment 

My idea of a perfect run is one not attached to any training. No set time, pace, distance or expectation, but one where I just feel like running and go for the sheer joy of it 

My favorite post-run treat is always coffee. I do not drink coffee before a run or race so I usually crave it when I am done with a run. My treat after a long race is always a chocolate frosted donut, LOL, with of course protein, water/electrolytes, especially with the heat. 

When I’m not running, you can find me spending time with my hubby, son and friends, biking, swimming, working on organizing my gazillion photos, taking more photos, gardening, reading and learning something new. 

Three emojis that best describe me are ❤🏃‍♀️🏵

My runner friends would describe me as supportive, encouraging, motivating, believing and always cheering everyone on regardless of their pace or where they are in their run journey.

To me, #TeamJoy means many things to me. It is so close to my heart. Mostly it means really embracing being able to be out there running, walking or moving forward in any capacity with the knowing and happiness that we get to. Even in the hard, dig-down-deep moments, we are alive, doing, moving, believing in our dreams. Team Joy has one of my best friends entwined within it, as Jill embodied exactly this and lived it. So much so that after her passing I have come to realize just how much this was her through and through. It inspires me, moves me and has taken hold inside me that I want to carry that forward for her and live like that. I am honored and humbled to be the captain of Team Joy and  bring forth the authentic happiness of ‘because we get to.’

This year, I am MADE TO seek the happiness, joy and confidence to be completely authentic to the world and myself, happy and believing in my dreams once again. 


No ExcusesThe odds are against me. Too slow. Too old. Self-doubt. Having a baby. Just had a baby. No time. No training partner. The kids need me. It’s dark out. It’s too early. I’m tired. I have to work. It hurts. I’m scared they’ll laugh. Doctor said I shouldn’t. Can’t find a sitter. Life is too busy. I look in the mirror and don’t see a runner. What if I fail? NO MORE EXCUSES ... I’m doing this anyway. 

Led by JulieAnn Villa of Chicago, Illinois

To me, running is a way to move my body, commit to a goal and connect with other women. Running is my longest healthy relationship, together since 1997.

My idea of a perfect run is 10 miles in a long sleeve and shorts, where the conversation is so good you forget what mile it is.

My favorite post-run treat is a second breakfast! I always eat something before I run and on the weekend I love getting in an early run followed by more coffee and a second breakfast.

When I’m not running, you can find me on my yoga mat or exploring the great outdoors. I love hiking, paddling and camping, and I am obsessed with the National Parks. I also have been a CrossFitter since 2018. I talk about my own health and healthcare both as a hobby and professionally. I am doing a 40-day meditation challenge and I have been getting up to watch the sunrise over Lake Michigan every day.

The emojis that best describe me are 👩🏻‍🔬🦄🏃🏻‍♀️🌄

My runner friends would describe me as honest, authentic, a total badass.

To me, #TeamNoExcuses means finding a way to embrace the situation you are in AND to redefine what is possible in the next moment.

This year, I am MADE TO live truthfully. Find the movement that is best for my body and mind. This year I am leaning into truth and the power of habit. I am putting habits in place, taking the steps to get me to my goal, rather than the outcome.



Run Free: Wildflower. Free spirit, rebel soul. Shows up, loves hard. Here to make a difference. Willing to fail determined to rise. A beacon; an undeniable light radiating through cracks of imperfection. Seeks adventure and meaning, not approval. Grows in the places unexpected ... making the world beautiful. Unapologetically, her. She belongs among the wildflowers. Run free. Run on the wild side.

Led by Lisa Atkinson of Maryville, Tennessee

To me, running is my sanctuary!

My idea of a perfect run is a cold, sunny winter’s day with nowhere to be and all the time to get there!

My favorite post-run treat is a cup of coffee in the winter and a shower beer in the summer.

When I am not running, you can find me looking for a beach house or curled up with a good book.

Three emojis that describe me best are 😊 ☀️ 💕

My runner friends would describe me as the girl who always has a flower and a smile.

To me, #TeamRunFree means to run unencumbered by the thoughts, beliefs, people or things that try to keep you down or hold you back from being the best version of yourself!

This year, I am MADE TO move in ways that make me feel happy and free!




DreamerTo show grace and courage. To embrace the challenge and welcome new beginnings. Putting yourself out there. Doing it scared. I will run through the fear to feel the joy.

Led by Kim Anderson of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

To me, running is time to release, renew and dream. It’s time to honor my body and calm my anxious mind. It’s time for ME.

My idea of a perfect run is a country road with no expectations, just some sun on my face and a friend by my side.

My favorite post-run treat is FIREBALL! This tradition started during training for my first half Ironman. My training partners and I began doing a shot of Fireball after each long run, bike, swim or brick as a celebration and bonding ritual. The origin of this tradition comes from the mountaineering world, where climbers often do a shot of scotch at the summit and refer to it as “summit scotch.” I also enjoy avocado toast on sourdough topped with a hard-boiled egg and bacon after a long run.

When I’m not running, you can find me writing, reading, teaching, learning, planning a vacation and attempting to raise two teenagers.

Three emojis that best describe me are 🤦‍♀️☄️⛰

My runner friends would describe me as fiercely loyal, intuitive, trustworthy, generous and nonjudgmental. (I had to ask!)

To me, #TeamDreamer means listening to your soul. It means hearing the quiet voice calling you and really hearing what it is saying instead of letting fear quiet it. It means deciding to take the first step. It means believing in yourself. It means taking chances. It means doing it scared.

This year, I am MADE TO persistently and relentlessly pursue my dreams.



StrengthLove. Warrior spirit, determined heart. Caring for the world around me. A passion unrelenting. Ready for the challenge, unshakeable in my commitment. Grit; earned through effort … because I said I would. Take me to my limit and watch me work. Bringing it — every damn day. It takes strength to do what you love.

Led by Amy Purintun of McFarland, Wisconsin

To me, running is empowering and fulfilling. I love having running goals and doing the work to achieve them. It is an amazing feeling when I know that I worked hard to make my running dream come true. Running also makes me happy when I get to share some miles with family and friends.

My idea of a perfect run is enjoying the views of a new running route with family and friends (I love to run when I travel).

My favorite post-run treat is enjoying a little strawberry licorice and then my pumpkin protein smoothie.

When I’m not running, you can find me supporting my family, spending time with my family and friends, strength training, biking, hiking (I love being active), cooking/baking or reading.

Three emojis that best describe me are ❤️💪🏻🙌🏻

My runner friends would describe me as resilient and determined.

To me, #TeamStrength means showing up ready for a challenge.

This year, I am MADE TO keep pushing my limits to see what I am capable of achieving.



Rock StarStrong, sassy. Rule breaker and resilient spirit. Dances like she crosses the finish line — with her hands up! Why yes, I am a force to be reckoned with.

Led by Tricia Fowler of Austin, Texas

To me, running is my sanity. It’s my ME time!

My idea of a perfect run is 60 degrees, partly sunny, along the path at Huntington Beach for about six or seven miles.

My favorite post-run treat is … after a half marathon, I want a good burger and a beer.

The emojis that best describe me are 🙄🤟🏾🖤😉

My runner friends would describe me as committed. If I say I’ll be there, I will be there. Rain or shine.

To me, #TeamRockStar means feeling like a badass, and knowing you will bounce back soon when you don’t.

This year, I am MADE TO encourage others to run their race, as I run my own. I can inspire, just by being me.



FierceBeauty, clarity, purpose. Standing your ground. Realizing your strength. Owning your power. I am worthy. 

Led by Kelly Haracourt of Grand Haven, Michigan

To me, running is my reset button. It’s where I get clear, where I find my true self and where I discover what I am capable of. It is where I  am reminded that I am good enough, that I am strong enough and that I am worthy of being on this journey. It is also where people come together and have real conversations, build relationships and have a whole freaking lot of FUN!!

My idea of a perfect run is in a tank top and shorts, with a light, warm rain coming down, letting either music or a friend’s voice carry me forward. And rounding the corner of my favorite hill in Grand Haven to the most perfect view of Lake Michigan. It never gets old.

My favorite post-run ritual is smile or swear (depends on the run), eat a banana, chug some water and check my Garmin to make sure I ran a rounded number of miles. 

When I’m not running, you can find me spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors or wearing one of my many hats at the YMCA (fitness instructor, race director, marketing and special events coordinator).

Three emojis that best describe me are 🥳💗🙋🏻‍♀️

My runner friends would describe me as someone who is encouraging, always up for a challenge and committed to finishing what I start and someone who uses running not just as a form of fitness, but also as a way to bring people together.

To me, #TeamFierce means being seen and celebrated JUST AS WE ARE. We are strong, and powerful women who are worthy of love, friendship, goodness and accomplishment. We SHOW UP with a purpose to help others see their own worth and their own power.

This year, I am MADE TO connect with purpose in all aspects of my life and allow myself to be loved just as I am.



Truth: Fully present. Calm, balanced, at peace. Living my truth. A declaration of self — my soul’s freedom. Embracing who I am and what I stand for. Aware of my faults and loving myself anyway. I am content. This is me. I accept it and that’s what matters.

Led by Kara Graci of Marquette, Michigan

To me, running is part of my life. I remember my dad going running when I was a kid when I was at the skating rink for endless hours as a figure skater. I ran my first 5K at 9 and was hooked. It’s been an incredible way to bond with my dad over the last 31 years.

My idea of a perfect run is a morning run with one or two good friends ending on one of Marquette’s beautiful beaches.

My favorite post-run treat or ritual is a giant, sugary, coffee drink.

When I’m not running, you can find me outside with my son. In the summer months, we are outdoors from sun up to sun down.

Three emojis that best describe me are ☕🍟🔥

My runner friends would describe me as fun-loving. I’ve been known to hoot and holler or sing to celebrate mile markers during a race.

To me, #TeamTruth means progress over perfection. We are a work in progress and until we are able to love ourselves and be content with the woman we are in the present moment and stop apologizing for our passions, we will not be able to move forward in our journey.

This year, I am MADE TO prioritize enjoying each run, each bike ride, each moment outdoors instead of getting hung up on pace or the training plan.



CourageTo persevere with humility. To breakthrough. To take the leap; to chase the dream. The burning desire to grow. Falling in love — with who you were meant to be. I was born to do this.

Led by Allison O’Connor of Roswell, Georgia

To me running is time for myself, a way to stay active and a way to connect with amazing fellow runners!

My idea of the perfect run is to head out early on a clear, crisp, preferably cooler morning before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. I like the sounds of nature as the day is starting out.

My favorite post-run treat is coffee! No matter what, it must involve a cup of coffee! I definitely run for coffee!

When I’m not running, you can find me on my Peloton bike — my pandemic obsession.

Three emojis that best describe me are 👩‍👧‍👦💙 🤹🏻‍♀️

My runner friends would describe me as turtle-esque. Slow and steady always finishes a race and I’m always down for a party pace with friends!

To me #TeamCourage means taking a chance on yourself and believing that no dream/goal is too big for you to reach for and achieve! Taking the first step toward your goal/dream is the most courageous. Team Courage will be cheering you on every step along the way!

This year, I am MADE TO grow and flourish!



BelieveTo look within, to overcome. Loving myself enough. I have the will, the determination and the courage to defy the odds ... and inspire. My challenges have made me a fighter — a survivor. They will not define me or confine me. I will run my own race. Different, beautiful and all my own. I believe in me and my potential. And I’m going to succeed because I’m brave enough to think I can.  

Led by Torre Summers of Columbus, Ohio

To me, running is a gift. A gift that challenges me, that brings me joy and pride in myself. It is a gift that grows with me, that calls me to push outside my comfort zones, a gift that has been life-changing.  Running is a gift of true and real connection with others that fills my heart.

My idea of a perfect run is temps in the 60s/70s, chasing the sunrise with either my favorite playlist, my BRF and fellow FFCrew member Cheri by my side or my Marathoners In Training teammates running together in our sweet pack.

My favorite post-run treat or ritual is … Every Saturday my BRF Cheri and I run a trail in my suburb. After our run, we walk a block over from the trailhead to our favorite local coffee shop. We each grab a latte and a piece of coffee cake. If it’s nice out, we sit on their sweet patio and chat and snack for a bit. I wouldn’t want my Saturday mornings any other way.

When I’m not running, you can find me moving my body in other ways — weight training, yoga and spinning keep me happy, healthy and strong. I can also be found on the sidelines, as both my teenage kiddos are student athletes. My daughter plays tennis and my son plays football and baseball and wrestles. Oh, and my husband coaches travel baseball, so we are always cheering someone on somewhere and I LOVE it all! I am an ever-creating small business owner, and I can be found often deep in conceptual thought in my cozy basement office/studio.

Three emojis that best describe me are 💪🏻 😁 💖

My runner friends would describe me as a goal getter, a cheerleader and alway finding joy and fun on the trail. One that will never leave anyone behind, always planning after-run drinks and snacks to celebrate our accomplishments!

To me, #TeamBelieve means to be brave enough to try, to push outside comfort zones, to take the leap, sometimes in blind faith. To be big, bold and to take up space … going all in with courage and loving yourself through the journey.

This year, I am MADE TO try new things, pushing outside of my natural routines … ready to make some big positive, bold moves. No fear, just faith, trust and love in ME!



HopeBraving the journey; learning to heal. Finding the courage to be vulnerable. I can — I will — make it, and I’ll be better because of it. I will take it on, take it in, let it hurt ... and let it go. This is my story, and I decide how it ends. Because picking up the pieces doesn't mean I’m broken. 

Led by Amber Shride of Bloomington, Indiana

To me, running is different things at different times. Sometimes it’s peace, a quiet break when I need to escape all that is going on in the “real world.” It can bring relief when the stress of the world gets to be too much. It’s an endorphin rush when I need a pick-me-up. And sometimes it’s an opportunity for connection. Connecting to my thoughts, to my feelings or even just connecting socially with friends.

My idea of a perfect run is running in sunshine! I love running in the spring or fall, earlier in the day. Bloomington has some running paths that can take me from my front door quite literally to the other end of the city. I do love running in nature, but there’s also something energizing about a busy park on a farmer’s market morning … all the buzz and energy of a lively, beautiful community is uplifting.

My favorite post-run treat or ritual is a hot shower or soak and either a cheeseburger or pizza!

When I’m not running, you can find me hanging out with my husband and our dogs, Jake and Manny. I love to cook and take care of people, so making a great meal and having friends gather in our home is one of my favorite things. (Hopefully we will get back to that soon!) I also love to read, knit, do yoga or have some at-home spa time!

Three emojis that best describe me are 🥰👍🍕

My runner friends would describe me as someone who is quiet at times, but is always paying attention. She’s always striving to be her best self and will push others to be their best, too.

To me, #TeamHope means to be brave. To be vulnerable and feel all the feelings. Be open to growth, in whatever way works for the season that you are in. You write your own story!

This year, I am MADE TO continue my personal growth story and do what makes me happy!



GratitudeTo endure against the odds. To unite and connect. To admire, to love. To honor a hero, to be a hero. Because this is so much bigger than me.  

Led by Catie Schmitt of Green Bay, Wisconsin

To me, running is my time on the road to let go of all my doubts and fears and just allow my body to do amazing things. It’s my stress reliever and it’s fun! It’s become a big part of my story and who I am.

My idea of a perfect run is a cool fall day with the sun on my face, nothing but time and the road in front of me. If I’m running in a race, a PR is always an added bonus!

My favorite post-run treat or ritual is about two minutes of attempted intentional stretching, water and then probably comfy clothes during the week and vino on the weekend.

When I’m not running, you can find me hanging out with my husband Mark and our two dogs Ziggy and Bear, working as a nurse at Aurora on the cardiac floor and watching my nephew Eli! Pre-Covid days, I was also enjoying playing indoor soccer and playing for the Green Bay Glory (a WPSL team!).

Three emojis that best describe me are 🥰🍒🩺

My runner friends would describe me as energetic, smiley and encouraging. (My non-runner friends or less enthusiastic runner friends would probably call me crazy or nuts but it’s all out of love).

To me, #TeamGratitude means stepping into a role that has become a big part of my story, my running mantra and something I strive for every day. In our world, it’s important to remember the positives in life and hang on to the good memories. Gratitude is not just an action, it’s a way of living!

This year, I am MADE TO lead, motivate, encourage and be there for those that need a light — whether that’s as the Team Gratitude captain, as a nurse or as a daughter/sister/wife/friend/aunt/family member. I am made to lead a life by example displaying all the amazing things that gratitude can bring you!



Fiercely UnitedBold. Honoring the journey of friendship. We are connected. Fiercely united. Marching on ... one foot in front of the other. For health, for hope, for each other. To cherish, to protect — always. Believe. Achieve. Bloom. Endure. 

Led by Sarah Maxwell of Everett, Washington

To me, running is life-changing. It has shown me parts of myself that I had suppressed. It has given me lifelong friendships. I started running for the mental health benefits after becoming a mom. Depression was winning but running helped me fight back. At the time, I did not think that running would become an overarching theme in my life, but it has, and I am a better person because of it. Running, specifically long-distance running, does not come naturally to me, but I have found my strength in the struggle.

My idea of a perfect run is when everything clicks. The weather is sunny and between 50 to 55 degrees at the start. The sun means that I am wearing sunglasses, a tank top and short shorts. (I will — and usually can — wear shorts year-round in western Washington.) My playlist is on shuffle and all the right songs come on exactly when I need them. My limbs are in sync, my feet are quick and light, my face is relaxed and happy. I finish feeling better than when I started. #postivevibesnegativesplits

My favorite post-run treat is COFFEE. A vanilla latte is my go-to drink, and I love a good breakfast burrito with it after a long run. When meeting runner friends, planning a route with a coffee shop near the finish is essential.

When I am not running, you can find me being a self-employed small business owner and a mama. Both titles imply that I drink a lot of coffee, which is true. I am co-owner of Snohomish Running Company, and we own and organize races (everything from 5Ks to full marathons) around the Pacific Northwest. I am also a substitute elementary teacher and a member of the local Girls on the Run board.

Three emojis that best describe me are 🤗 🏃🏻‍♀️ 😁

My runner friends would describe me as encouraging, fun and committed. I am the person who will say, “Hi!” to everyone on the path (even the cyclists). I love making connections with people and hearing about why running is part of their lives. I love smiling at someone and having that person smile back. Or even if they just see me kind of dancing while running to the music that they cannot hear and that makes them smile — that is cool too. I hope that smiling reminds them to relax and enjoy the run. Personally, I have gained so much from running being part of my life, and I genuinely want to share that joy with others and help them find it for themselves. Are you new to running? Awesome! Have you been running since middle school? Amazing! Are you pushing your kids in a double stroller and have a dog leash around your waist? Rockstar!

To me, #TeamFiercelyUnited means supporting and cheering for one another. It means celebrating that we are out there — individually reaching for our own goals but all running the same race/path/time. One of the things I love about running is that it is both an individual and team sport. For example, during a race everyone has her own bib, yet we all cross the same start and finish lines. We can high-five each other on the course, wave our arms around and smile when we see each other. While we are not all toeing the same physical start line this year, we are all still out there navigating life and supporting each other. To me, that is being part of a team and being fiercely united.

This year, I am MADE TO LIVE.



And let’s meet the ladies working brilliantly behind the scenes to make these teams thrive!

Nikki Carter of Chicago, Illinois

To me, running is so many things. Running is something that I do no matter how I feel. Running has helped me work through emotions, connect with myself and friends and it can be cheaper than therapy. 

My idea of a perfect run is sunny, 60 degrees, no wind and great music playing in my ear. 

My favorite post-run treat is heading to breakfast for pancakes and bacon. 

When I'm not running, you can find me hanging with family/friends, swimming or biking. 

Three emojis that best describe me are ❤️ 🤗 😆

My runner friends would describe me as a comedian. We are always joking and laughing, especially during long runs. 

This year, I am MADE TO believe in me. I can and will do hard things to accomplish my goals.


Barbara Berko of Grand Haven, Michigan

To me, running is a space where I can let go of everything else and just BE. It’s my time to think and dream and let my mind run free. It’s also a way to challenge myself, to push myself to beyond what I think I’m capable of.

My idea of a perfect run is in a tank top and shorts with the sun on my face and a gentle breeze to keep me cool. It may be a solo run where I can feel the rhythm of my breath with my steps or with a friend deep in conversation about our struggles and heartaches or our hopes and dreams.

My favorite post-run treat or ritual is an extra hot latte from my favorite local coffee shop or an ice cold beverage … with friends, of course. And a hot shower!

When I’m not running, you can find me enjoying quality time with Kevin, spending time with family and friends, on the sidelines cheering on my daughter’s soccer team, enjoying the sunshine, walking our German Shepherd Piper, supporting my boys with their endeavors in scouting or napping (I LOVE a good nap).

Three emojis that best describe me are 💞 🙌 ☀️

My runner friends would describe me as ... I asked a couple of them and here are their own words: You always show up, ready to support and encourage. You bring pure joy to the sport of running, for both new and seasoned runners. You give 110 percent to every race, not only your own race, but also to the races of others … You are basically the running fairy that sprinkles magical running fairy dust on everyone … Loyal. Always there to check in, lend a helping hand, listen, give wise advice … The epitome of someone I can always count on in life. 

This year, I am MADE TO SHOW UP. For myself. For my family. For my friends.


A huge thanks to all the women stepping up to lead and coordinate these teams!