Made to Move LIVE

As we lead up to race day on June 12, let’s dig into our stories, our missions, our whys and so much more!

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Check out the lineup:


Made to Lead: The Made to Move 2021 Kick-Off Event

Featuring Alysia Montaño and Christy Turlington Burns, and hosted by Mel Charbonneau

Made to Move is more than just a race — it’s about setting a new standard and giving the dream of a training journey and start line to every woman. Together, Alysia Montaño of &Mother, Christy Turlington Burns of Every Mother Counts and Mel Charbonneau of Made to Move discuss why now is the moment to reimagine a new standard for what women’s events should look like, and how their organizations are ready to raise the collective commitment, urgency and action needed to create a new model for women’s race events.

Wednesday, June 2
Live event hosted via Zoom
12-1 pm CST
To enjoy this free event, ensure you are registered for Made To Move



Made to Inspire: Writing Prompts from Alysia, Christy and Mel

If your mind and heart are bursting with excitement after yesterday’s kick-off conversation, keep the momentum going with today’s message! Mel, Alysia and Christy are sharing with you personal writing prompts — questions to consider as you grow, embrace your power and advocate for change. Grab a notebook and pen, open your email and let your ideas flow as you write out your responses.

Thursday, June 3
Delivered via email


Your Brain on Motherhood: Decoding the Layers of Maternal Mental Health

Featuring Molly Dickens, PhD, and Jodi Pawluski, PhD, and hosted by Mel Charbonneau

The emotions, fuzziness and fatigue of mommy brain are real, and there’s science to prove it. Join host Mel Charbonneau and &Mother co-founder and researcher Molly Dickens, PhD, and neuroscientist and therapist Jodi Pawluski, PhD, for this fascinating and illuminating conversation on how women’s brains change during motherhood, and the tools, practices and grace needed to thrive and embrace it all.

Friday, June 4
Live event hosted via Zoom
11 am CST
To enjoy this free event, ensure you are registered for Made To Move. 



Thoughts for Your Long Run

As you get in those final long runs before your Made to Move race, let Mel Charbonneau take you on a journey of motivation, inspiration, humor and realness to provide powerful perspective on what your training has meant — and what race day holds.

Saturday, June 5
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Made to Be Real: Stories and Reflections of What Can Happen When We Show Up as Our Authentic Selves and Do the Work of Building True, Real Friendships

Featuring Toni Carey and Mel Charbonneau

Rooted in a deep trust and years of friendship and conversation, and being there for each other in ways neither of them could have ever predicted, this will be a candid and truth-telling Q&A conversation between Mel Charbonneau of Made to Move and her friend Toni Carey, who is an entrepreneur, writer, advocate, runner, yoga teacher and founder of the global running community Black Girls Run! Mel and Toni will reflect on how they met and their many years of friendship, and how they’ve supported each other through burnout, big decisions, heartache and finding fulfillment. They’ll share the lessons behind how their decision to lay it all down and stop performing has been the transformative power of being there for each other and finding their own voices along the way.

Sunday, June 6
Live event hosted via Zoom
7 pm CST 
To enjoy this free event, ensure you are registered for Made To Move. 



Made to Inspire: Writing Prompts from Toni and Mel

If yesterday’s conversation has you fired up, set aside some time to reflect and to read and respond to writing prompts provided by both Toni and Mel. Get honest, get real and get ready to make some next steps toward a better, stronger, more inclusive future.

Monday, June 7
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Made to Tell Your Truth: Show Up on the Page as Your Authentic Self

Featuring Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson, founder of The Unapologetic Pen, will guide you through a short writing practice designed to help you show up on the page as your authentic self. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, your phone for a timer and 20 minutes of uninterrupted YOU time. Kim will explain Truth Teller writing, read you a poem, give you a few jump-off lines and send you off to your page where you will write as poorly as possible, pen never leaving the page, telling your truth. 

Tuesday, June 8
Delivered via email


Let’s Talk Race Day: Everything You need to Know for June 12

Made to Move is three days away! We’ll review all the final details, answer any questions that have come in and share ALL THE WAYS to make the most of race day, from all sorts of social media goodies you can use, to tips on how to share your race experience with us and online. Let’s get ready, ladies!

Wednesday, June 9
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Made to Share Your Story: Community Open Mic Night

The power of this race lies in this community — our challenges, our triumphs, our paths and our stories, and the power that comes from sharing them. This night will feature prompts, storytelling, impromptu shares and opportunities to reflect. Oh, and a lot of laughter, encouragement and community. 

Thursday, June 10
Live event hosted via Zoom
7 pm CST
To enjoy this free event, ensure you are registered for Made To Move. 



A Message from Mel

On the eve of race day, Made to Move founder Mel Charbonneau speaks directly to you — and directly into what this race experience has meant for her, her team and every woman who has shown up for this race and stepped courageously into her own story.

Friday, June 11
Delivered via email