Made to Move FAQs

The Made to Move Women’s Race Series takes place June 12, 2021. Here are responses to some questions you may have: 

What is Made To Move’s commitment to DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) efforts?

It is our mission that women who traditionally have had to advocate for their voices to be heard, their hardships to be understood and their community to feel included know they belong at Made To Move. 

This means creating a race experience that welcomes and accepts all women goes far beyond simply extending an invitation. It means working ahead of time and behind the scenes — along with like-minded leaders and organizations — to create an event at which all women feel safe, seen, supported and celebrated. This extends to how women are invited, how they see their stories honored and told, and how they and their needs feel taken care of throughout the race experience. Until we explicitly, thoughtfully and collaboratively tackle these barriers that prevent women from racing, all women will not show up at the starting line. It is our job to create the experience that all women deserve. 

If you have any feedback for how our race can do better, please know we encourage and welcome this conversation. You can contact our team leader Jen at and please know we look forward to hearing from you. 

So are you a women’s only race? 

We are committed to continually learning and understanding how to create running events where every female-identifying athlete feels a sense of belonging.

In learning about how we can create as safe, diverse and as inclusive a running space as possible, we encourage you to connect in with our team. If you have any feedback for how our race series can do better, please know we encourage and welcome this conversation. You can contact our team leader Jen at and please know we look forward to hearing from you. 

I heard about the Made To Lift fund, and I’d like to support it directly. How do I talk with a team member to learn more?

We created the Made To Lift Fund to directly support women who could not otherwise register for Made To Move this year. By contributing to our Made To Lift fund, YOU will be part of the solution and action. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact our team member Jen at 


What are the chances conditions improve and an in-person race becomes possible this June in Madison, Wisconsin?

We totally get this question. What we can tell you is the current Dane County Public Health criteria for reopening do not look promising for large-scale in-person events in early June the way we originally envisioned. 

However, we are thrilled that we will be able to host a smaller-scale in-person race in Madison on June 12. Currently this race is limited to 150 runners, and it will take place on a scenic looped course in the UW Arboretum. We will update as we get additional information, but you can learn more here


How will I receive my race day packet? Will it be shipped to me or do I pick it up?

Both options are available to you! Obviously if you are not local to the Madison, Wisconsin, area, we’ll be shipping your race day packet to you. If you are local, we’d love for you to utilize our local pick-up option in registration! This helps our event save costs, and we’d LOVE to see you before race day!

When and where would local pick-up options be?

Local packet pick-up times are as follows:

June 3:    7-10 am
June 8:    9 am-2 pm
June 11:   4-6:30 pm

Local pick-ups will be held at 608 Threads, 4946 Voges Rd., Madison, WI 53718.

If these times are not convenient for you, please change your registration preferences to have your packet shipped to you.



I need to switch my race distance — how do I do that?

No problem! You will do this via your confirmation email. There is an option to revisit your account and registration. Upon registering, you will be asked to pay the price difference. Please note, transfers from/to the 5K, 10K or 1-mile race distances must be submitted by May 15th. 

I signed up for the MTM Summer Challenge, but now I want to transfer to the 5K/10K/1-mile race options. How do I update and change my registration?  

No problem! You will do this via your confirmation email. There is an option to revisit your account and registration. Upon registering, you will be refunded the price difference. Please note, transfers from the summer challenge are available until May 15th.


If something happens after I register and I’m no longer able to participate, can I request a refund?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for any reason. We want to be fully transparent about the reason why — your registration is not just a medal, bib and shirt; it’s countless hours of our team’s labor and love in bringing you an exceptional race day experience. There is a perception that virtual races take less manpower to execute, but that’s not the case with Made To Move. We have shifted all our in-person plans to creating an innovative and deeply personal virtual experience. 

If something happens after I register and I’m no longer able to participate, can I defer my registration to 2022?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow deferrals from 2021 to 2022’s race. If you can’t participate or run on race day (June 12), we encourage you to run whenever you are ready and it works for you!


What is the MTM Summer Challenge?

You take on the challenge of participating in June’s Made To Move race AND completing a race in both July and August. Your goal is to finish three race distances over three months (one per month.) These distances are a 5K, 10K and half marathon. For June’s MTM race, you can pick either the 5K or 10K as part of the challenge. Then, for July and August you complete the other two distances!

Please note that registration for the Summer Challenge is now full.

What do I get for participating and completing the MTM Summer Challenge?

So much good stuff! You receive your Made To Move June registration, plus more swag, inspiration and accountability to get you through the summer months. In addition to your June race day swag, you will also receive:

Train Hard, Rest Harder Surprise Box. Arriving mid-summer, this box will be packed with essentials for training hard AND taking your rest days seriously. Expect goodies like:

Exclusive summer challenge finisher medal
Exclusive MTM beach tote bag
Exclusive MTM sunglasses
Exclusive MTM premium brand can insulator
Beach vibes apparel item 
Other fun surprises

Also included!

Three live training and coaching Zoom calls with Mel (one each in June, July and August)
Online training plans for half marathon distance
Digital graphics for social and sharing

I signed up for the MTM Summer Challenge, what do I do next?

Awesome! You will receive an exclusive email with instructions on what comes next and how to join the summer challenge community. You will receive a welcome packet with your race day swag as well. We’ll also send out email communications before race day specific to the summer challenge. If you have any questions related to the summer challenge, you can email Jen at


Do I need to submit my race time this year?

No, we will not be requiring or asking for race times this year.  


Can I join BOTH a virtual team and a local meet-up?

Yes, these are separate functions of the race. The virtual teams are a way to focus your energy and bigger ‘why’ behind your miles as we lead up to race day. It’s also a way to connect with other women who are running for similar reasons. The meet-ups are a way to connect in-person on race day in your city! You can participate in one or both, or you can pass and do your solo thing! 

Can I join more than one virtual team?

Officially, no. (Online registration only allows you to sign up under one team.) We’re encouraging you to choose one team that resonates with you. Unofficially? You can align and lean in to as many team themes as you need while training.

Can I join a virtual team after I’ve registered?

Yes! You will do this via your confirmation email. There is an option to revisit your account and registration. For our planning purposes, you can join a team until May 15th. 

Can I switch virtual teams after I’ve registered?

Yes, this is an option, though we don’t encourage it. Our team leaders will be working really hard to create a custom experience once you register. If you do wish to switch virtual teams, you will do this via your confirmation email. There is an option to revisit your account and registration. For our planning purposes, you can switch your virtual team until May 15th. 

Can I still connect with others even if I don’t sign up for a team?

Oh, heck yes! We have created a Made to Move Community Facebook group, and it’s for every woman who has registered for Made to Move, whether she’s part of a virtual team or not. We encourage you to join, share your story and training journey and connect with other women preparing for race day!

Do I have to attend a MTM race day meet-up?

Nope! Meet-ups are totally optional. We understand - for a number of reasons - that it might not work for you. Meet-ups are our way of building community and connection. Since we can’t all be in Madison this year, local meet-ups are the next best thing!

Is there a capacity limit on meet-ups? What if my city still has restrictions on outdoor gatherings?

We recognize that every county may be in a different stage of re-opening this June, which is why every meet-up leader will be responsible for adhering to local gathering capacity restrictions. Once you sign-up, you’ll join a FB group that will update this information as race day approaches. 

What if there’s not a local meet-up in my area?

Oh, girl! You already know the answer to this one! Create one! There is not a ‘minimum’ number for meet-ups. The only requirement for an official meet-up is that it’s accessible for other women to learn about it and attend. For more info on hosting and becoming a meet-up leader, click here.

So there’s no minimum on meet-ups? What if it’s JUST ME that shows up?

There is NOT a minimum on meet-ups. And in the event that it IS just you, own it. You put it out there, you were courageous and you showed up. That said, once you sign-up to host, start spreading the word and invite women to attend!

Do women have to be registered for Made To Move to attend an in-person meet-up?

To experience the full love and support of our race day efforts, we sure hope they will!!! We’ll be asking every meet-up leader to encourage women to officially register, more so to connect in to all our messaging, virtual programming and support. It makes a difference when you are connected to the energy source! That said, we would not turn away any woman who shows up ready to run, connect and be part of race day. We’ll trust our local meet-up leaders to foster community and participation in whatever way works best!

If you have additional questions, please contact race director Nora Bird at