Share Your Race-Day Experience

We want to know, see and celebrate YOUR Made to Move experience!

On June 12, women will be running in Madison, at meet-ups in nearly a dozen cities and on their own or with friends across the country. We want to honor every woman’s journey and all that unites us in this race.

Here’s how you can share in the excitement:


  • Take TONS of photos, whether that’s solo selfies, action shots, group photos of you and your girlfriends or something else! Please do all you can to document as many angles of your race day as possible.
  • Take some videos to showcase this debut race day. Go live on your favorite social media channel (just be sure to hit “save” at the end of your Instagram Live) or create a reel for Instagram. Have fun with it! 
  • Journal or take some notes so you never forget what this moment feels like.


  • Post your pics, videos and thoughts on social media, tagging @madetomoverace. Or email them to We will be posting as many as possible to show the world what being MADE TO MOVE looks like!
  • Please note that every race-day photo posted on Instagram (in which @madetomoverace is tagged) will serve as an entry into a giveaway for three FREE registrations for Made to Move 2022!


We also have two exciting video projects in collaboration with Steena Cirves Video. Choose one video to submit, or submit them both!

  • Video Option #1: Share your ‘I am made to ______’ statement!
    Fill in the blank with what you are made to do in this moment, right now, or what this training and race has inspired to believe you are made to do in the near future. Be proud, speak with passion and show us your personality! This video should be no more than 5-10 seconds!
  • Video Option #2: Share a ‘We are a Made To Move’ statement!
    We want to create a ‘we are made to move’ thunderous ripple of excitement and celebration. All you have to do is proudly say,

    ‘we are made to move’ into the camera, and while doing so, envision your words intertwined with hundreds of other women’s voices doing the same.

Want to submit both? Woot woot! We love the energy!!! For ease of production on our end, please only submit one video. You can record both messages in one (or edit together on your end before sending). We just ask that there is a few second pause between #1 and #2 so we can edit with ease!

Some tips for recording and sending your videos:

  • Important! Please record in horizontal format (so tilt your phone sideways).
  • It works best if you set your phone/recording device onto a surface or tripod to record — if at all possible, don’t have someone hold the device. Example, set your phone sideways on a tall dresser or lean it onto a glass of water.
  • Make sure you have your head and shoulders in the frame. Do a test record to see how it looks. You shouldn’t look down at the device, you should be eye-level with it.
  • Record in a quiet space with minimal background noise (no fridge, dogs, laundry, etc.). It’s totally fine to record outside too, just be mindful of high traffic or noisy spots!
  • If recording indoors, find a well-lit room! Also, you face a window (the device does not point toward the window). Otherwise turn on all the lights and do your best to not have the device pointing at the light(s).
  • Send your file via and direct it to Steena’s email address, If this feels overwhelming, just email Steena and ask about sending it via text.
  • Have fun, be creative, be YOU. We like to see your smiling face!

Let’s make it an awesome day, ladies!!