Holiday Challenge

Because stress.
Because holiday parties.
Because sanity.
Because ALL the family.
Because you time.
Because accountability.

Because either you run the holidays or the holidays run you.

Welcome to the #FFHolidayChallenge!

The goal of the this challenge is simple but powerful — move your body for 30 minutes every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. That’s it!

All movement counts, and part of the fun is seeing how creative women get!

This challenge is completely FREE and it connects you with hundreds of other women from around the country who are feeling the same holiday emotions as you. 

Details and digital goodies for our 2021 Holiday Challenge are coming soon!


One of the best and healthiest ways to combat stress and the chaos of the holidays is to move our bodies.

We know this, right? We know how good it feels to move, sweat and feel alive.

The key, of course, is making ourselves a priority.

And, hey, this is a year-round struggle, but it becomes especially difficult during the holidays when our normal routines, healthy habits and self-care are challenged. The good news is when hundreds of other ladies are doing it with you, it feels easier. You want to show up for yourself, and you want to cheer other ladies on.

You deserve this. And yes, you’re worth it. And yes, you can. And yes, you have the time. And yes, you are just as imperfect and messy as the rest of us. And no, you won’t feel alone. We’ve got this!

Now, let’s run these holidays!