Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are to lead Made to Move? To ask women to train, commit and show up at your race when YOU YOURSELF are struggling to do the same. When you yourself have had a hard time staying motivated and finding your running joy again. When you’ve been struggling to redefine what running is to you these days. Bottom line: You aren’t a serious enough runner to own a women’s race. 

And really, what makes you think you can direct a race? There are so many other people more qualified and experienced than you. 

Oh, and by the way, who do you think you are to pitch this race to sponsors? I mean, come on. To ask companies and businesses to invest in your idea? Businesses want to invest in sure bets, and you’re not that. You’re probably too small a fish for them to take seriously. You don’t have enough credibility yet. You need to prove your worth before asking for what you think you deserve. 

Who are you to invite speakers and well-known runners to attend? They’ll say no anyway. They have bigger opportunities to say yes to. 

Who are you to believe racing can be done differently, anyway? Women just want their medals and race routes. They don’t want all this ‘fru fru story stuff’ that you’re trying to sell them. It’s not going to work, this asking women to invest more of their heart and emotion into a race weekend. 

Who do you think you are to reinvent yourself? To reimagine what you can offer the running community? It’s too late, and your best days are behind you. You can’t come into the industry with a new idea — you had your chance. Besides, everything’s different now. If you’re not doing all the things and ‘out there’ and talking into your phone, no one is going to find you.

Who do you think you are to dream so big and believe that this race can change the lives of women? To place just as much focus on every woman’s story as her finish line? To believe that you can change how running events do things? 

The ‘who do you think you are’ narrative is a dream killer, ladies.

It’ll keep you safe and stuck if you’re not careful. It’ll work hard to show you all the reasons you're not ready, qualified or ‘the one’ to make it happen. It’ll keep you from betting on the dream and instead, convincing yourself that ‘what is’ is just fine. It’ll strip you of confidence and self-worth and remind you of all the times it didn’t work. It’ll work tirelessly to keep you in the familiar and predictable rut you’re in because at least your fears know what’s coming. It’ll tell you to settle because it’s the responsible thing to do. It’ll tell you too many people are depending on you, and you can’t afford to let them down. 

Our job, then, is to simply see it coming, and our power is when we know WHY.

I believe — most often — that this narrative shows up because it’s trying to protect us from getting our heart broken. 

So when it shows up, it means you are likely playing bigger than you ever have before. You’re stretching into new places that feel unfamiliar. You’re choosing to be brave. 

What if our fears showing up were simply validation that we’re on the right path? 

This is one of the most powerful reframes I use for myself, and I use it often.

I’m sharing these oh-so-fun monkey mind thoughts with you today, because I think there’s a perception that I’ve got it all figured out. Or that  because I’m leading and creating, I don’t feel huge waves of fear and self-doubt along the way. 

I feel the waves all the time. I think what’s different for me these days is that I can sense and anticipate them coming, and I’m getting better at surfing rather than letting them live in my head and take me down. 

So, back to the beginning then. 

Who do I think I am?

Well, I’m a woman who believes — with my whole heart — that running and movement unlock the story inside of us.

Who do I think I am to direct this race? 

A woman who won’t quit on herself or on you. A woman willing to ask for help. A woman who is smart enough to surround herself with other women who have gifts she doesn’t. 

Who do I think I am to be directing a race WHILE ALSO being a runner struggling to find herself again?

Relatable, probably. 

Who do I think I am to believe your story matters?

Your biggest cheerleader. I’ve got you. 

Who do I think I am asking people and businesses to partner with us?

Proud, and willing to hear ‘no’ over and over again if it leads to the right ‘yes.’ (Are you the YES? Are you the partner? Are you the business willing to bet on Made to Move? Let’s talk!)

Who do I think I am to dream so big?

Who am I not to? And I’m a mom showing my girls that as long as YOU believe in your dream, that matters more than anything. 

Who do I believe WE are as a community?

We are a vision worth fighting for. And this is why having a vision matters: because when the path you want to take feels challenging, a vision compels you — moves you — to keep going. We go back to what we wanted to change, make better, move forward, create and transform. If that vision is worth fighting for, we’ll find a way to achieve it. 

We are Made to Move. 

And we are going to give you one hell of an amazing race weekend … you can count on it.


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