Showing up and loving hard

During our Flower Hour virtual chat a couple of Fridays ago, I shared this idea of sending shirts to our country’s frontline heroes. I talked about not really knowing how we’d do it or what it would look like, but that I was determined to find a way to bring hope — even if just for a moment — to all these selfless and brave people who were keeping us safe.

The next day I received a message from a dear friend and longtime #FFCrew member who was on the chat, and she wrote, “I want to help, and I can help.”

And here’s where I pause in the story, because every single time I’ve offered my heart out to you guys, it never fails that you show up. The generosity and giving spirit of this community is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Every time I have been challenged, one of you steps in. Every time I have questioned my path, one of you sends an email telling me to stay strong. Every time I have offered an idea, one of you comes through and offers to help and bring it to life.

This idea — and your response — is no different.

Thanks to my dear friend, we’ve already got 100 sponsored shirts purchased and on their way to nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals.

To make this happen, we joined forces with 608 Threads, my husband’s screen printing shop. Jason and I both decided that when this is over, we want to look back and know we did everything we could to make a difference and thank our heroes.

I know a t-shirt doesn’t solve anything, and I know it doesn’t fix what’s going on.

But I have to believe that doing something to keep our community connected is better than nothing. I have to believe that our frontline heroes knowing and feeling how much they are appreciated matters, especially right now.

Last week I saved a quote that crossed my newsfeed: After all this is over, all that will have really mattered is how we treated each other.

It’s not business as usual right now. It’s love, support and giving what we can for those who need it and for those risking their lives to keep us safe. When this is over, Jason and I want to know that we used our businesses and efforts for good.

We’ve never been more proud to be small business owners, and we’ve never been more committed to doing what we can to help people through this.


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