Making time for happiness

Lisa Rheineck believes joy is possible for everyone — if you make time for finding, cultivating and experiencing happiness.

The preschool director from Portage, Wisconsin, explains more ...

How’d you become a runner?

After graduating college, I had a friend training for Ironman, and was peer pressured into doing some races. Then I was hooked!

What’s your current relationship status with running?

I really love running, but Im also really good at finding excuses not to go running. 

What line from the Joy flower resonates with you most?

To appreciate sunshine. To find your happy.

What role does joy play in your life?

I truly believe there isnt time to be anything but happy. Joy and happiness go hand in hand.

What — and we’re taking big things, small things, silly things, anything! — brings you joy? 

My son, friends and family. Hot sunny summer days at the beach. Doughnuts and new house plants.

Where is your happy place?

The beach is my happy place. If I could go to the beach every day I would!

Why is joy important to you?

If I can find joy in the little things throughout my day Im in such a better mood. 

How do joy and friendship intersect for you?

The people you surround yourself with should bring you joy. 

How about friendship and running?

Friends make running more enjoyable. Nine miles isnt as bad when you have someone to “suffer” with! 

Any tips for building a run squad?

Keep showing up! Trust the process and know they are there for you.

Please describe your ideal day of movement.

Id start the day with walking the dog, then round up the girls and either race or go for a nice three-mile run. Then we would obviously get Crumbl cookies! Then do some yoga to end the day. Or a bike ride with my little guy.

What turns a bad mood or a tough day around for you?

A workout and run always makes me feel accomplished. Just being outside is always a good way to clear my head.

What’s the best part of summer?

The sunshine and early morning runs before work when its still kind of cool out. Oh, and needing no excuse to eat ice cream ... all of the time!

Lisa is the Joy Challenge leader for the week! Click here to join in.

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