Don’t let the fire go out

My Declare It Day goal for 2022 is pretty simple. 

It comes from a place of realizing that I’m not done, that my body is still capable of movement, working hard and, yes, even some discomfort. There is a renewed desire to feel ready and strong for whatever is around the bend. 

It comes from knowing that there doesn’t have to be a ‘where to next’ mentality with my running this year, and it can be as simple as enjoying it right now. I don’t have to chase former versions of myself that were fitter or faster, and I don’t have to be embarrassed for slower paces or shorter mileage than what once was. 

It comes from the privilege of being able and healthy. My lungs, legs, feet and body can run, and while my former college athlete knees may creak, they still allow me to run my miles pain-free. The window to this sport is still open, and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible. 

It comes from knowing that my body is aging, and the longer I let her rest, the harder it will be to begin again. Stretching and strength training are no longer optional, they are required to stay healthy and smart while asking so much of my body. 

It comes from knowing there is a difference between letting yourself go and letting yourself just be. These past months of just being have been beautiful, but like any needed season in life, I’m ready and restored to move into the next. As I told my girlfriends this past January, it’s time to get my shit together and start moving my body again. 

It comes from knowing that it’s been hard to stay disciplined these past two years while also surviving and parenting and coping. I chose the mental and physical health of my girls over mine, and I’ll never regret it. And then I chose my mental health over my physical health, and I don’t regret that either. I didn’t prioritize my movement amidst the chaos, and I had to let myself just be free in that space instead of beating myself up for it. 

It comes from knowing that once I start running again, I know the joy will flood back in. I know the ripple effects that will happen by taking good care of my physical self — this animal that I live in. This vessel has endured a broken back, bad knees, giving birth to three babies, bouncing babies on my hip for a decade and running a business for a decade. It thrives and depends on movement. Give it to her — she’s ready.

It comes from knowing the fire is pretty dim right now, and, honestly, that scares me. You’re on the verge of just shrugging your shoulders and saying good-bye to your running practice. To the runner you’ve been this past decade. Life is full of busyness and beauty and kids becoming young adults and time being spent in different ways and a desire for leisure, and I know the void of running could be magically filled with so many things if I let it … but maybe not quite yet. 

Don’t let the fire go out quite yet. 

Let it burn just a bit longer. 

Reignite the fire and see what happens. Unattached from outcomes, uncaring of former versions of you and free to just be where your feet are. 

So that’s my goal: Don’t let the fire go out. 

How I’ll get there?

Action, and just doing the damn thing. 

Just being a runner again, and doing it because I can. Not for pace, for time, for someone else or to meet expectations, but rather, because I know I am a better woman, mom, wife, friend and person when I’m moving my body. And because sometimes you need to call yourself on your own bullshit and get out of your own way. 

Cheers to not letting YOUR fire go out. 

Cheers to reigniting and burning again.

The best way to achieve a goal that matters is to know your WHY behind it. Bring it on, 2022 … I’m ready. 

Take the leap, chase the dream … and get to burning that fire once again. 


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