You Decide the Story

How would your life change if you fed your dreams instead of your fears?

Welcome to You Decide the Story: How to Turn Beliefs into Power, the first in a new digital program series from Breakthrough & Begin. This ten-day course led by Mel Charbonneau digs deeply and profoundly into limiting beliefs. 

You will explore how a belief, behavior or pattern that self-sabotages or holds you back is deeply connected to your story. You will unpack five myths that keep women safe, stuck and serving others instead of themselves. You will dig into what holds women back from stepping into their true power and pursuing their dreams. You will practice the art of simply noticing and recognizing where your limiting beliefs are showing up in daily life. And Mel will guide you in shifting the narrative and plugging a powerful new thought into your pattern.


  • You want to play big but inevitably pull back and keep yourself small.
  • You find yourself in the same loop or pattern despite continued attempts to make progress.
  • You self-sabotage your path to success, either knowingly or subconsciously. 
  • No matter how much you want something, there is something holding you back from wholeheartedly going for it. 
  • You want to name the beliefs that hold you back so you can begin working with them (and then live the life you know you’re meant for).
  • You’ve got big brave dreams, and you want to do the work NOW so nothing gets in the way of you chasing them.

If you have taken Mel’s Breakthrough & Begin offerings before, you can expect her same passion and wisdom for helping you connect your story to your beliefs. This program is different in that Mel’s focus and your learning will be immersed in one powerful topic: how your beliefs shape your life. Mel has found that this work is foundational for women to play bigger in their lives and believe they are worthy and deserving of their dreams and aspirations. Mel will blend live coaching with writing and create a space safe for women to share progress and aha moments.



The course is $225.

We are offering a special rate of $180 (a 20% discount!) for Breakthrough & Begin alumni. 

If you have a group (of six or more women who work or are part of an organization together) who would like to take this course together, please contact Jen at to discuss a group rate.


This online course will include two 90-minute live teaching/coaching sessions with Mel. In both these sessions, Mel will bring her passion, personal stories and extensive knowledge as she walks you through the curriculum and exercises. There will also be time for community Q&A in these calls. 

In addition, each day of the course, you will receive an email from Mel with a message and additional materials that could include:

  • A writing prompt
  • A video message
  • A guided meditation
  • A link to a live coaching session
  • A downloadable 
  • A question to answer on the group messaging platform

This course will be held and facilitated outside of social media. Its important for you to focus and bring your whole energy to this course, and the noise and chaos of  social media make that very challenging. We will utilize a community messaging platform where you can easily post your own thoughts and writing, support another woman in the group and access all course materials with ease. You can access the platform from you mobile phone or desktop and NEVER once have to open Facebook.


Registration has closed.

The course takes place August 22-31, 2020.



Mel Charbonneau is a writer, keynote speaker, coach, entrepreneur and creator of Breakthrough & Begin, Tell Her Project, Fellow Flowers and the newly launched Made To Move Women’s Race Series.

In addition to these women-focused businesses, Mel also launched with her husband Jason 608 Threads, a highly successful and niche-marketed screen print and design shop located in Madison, Wisconsin.

After nearly a decade of doing the work to create, launch, run and constantly reinvent these businesses, Mel now coaches women on how to chase their own dreams, do the work they love and build a life aligned with their values. She has taken the stage many times to keynote and lead women through her signature coaching work with Breakthrough & Begin.

Before entrepreneurship, Mel honed her writing, creative skills and instincts in over 10 years of leading marketing and communications efforts for a variety of organizations. She built her courage to dream, lead and execute when producing a global event with the Dalai Lama in 2010 and never looked back.


Women who have worked with Mel say:

Mel has a profound and rare gift for creating a safe space filled with ease, trust and connection. Because of this, I felt heard, I felt seen and I felt more myself than perhaps I have in my entire life. 
– Angie 

Mel arms you with a systematic approach to identify your core values — what matters most — and helps you to see the pathway to putting thoughts into actions. 
– Kelly

Mel’s gentle way with words and prompts lead me to my real story ... I learned that I get to decide. I get to decide how my story is constructed, what matters to me and how to set boundaries to protect what’s most important. 
– Audrey


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