Virtual Run Details

Welcome to the Fellow Flowers Virtual Run Series!

A race for every color. 

Over three years, this series dedicates a virtual run to all 13 different color flowers within the Fellow Flowers collection. Each virtual run honors and celebrates the meaning behind a specific color. We highlight how and why women incorporate these flower meanings into their running journeys. We share how each color came to be and reflect on the women and stories behind each meaning. Collectively, we talk about how each color has shaped our experience as runners and as women.

If you run with a Fellow Flower, this virtual run series is for you!

You can register for one race, register for some OR DO THEM ALL!!! Those who register and complete every race will receive fun gifts along the way and an amazing Fellow Flowers Virtual Run Series finisher medal at the end! (It will be the best medal EVER.)

Our most recent virtual run — for our beloved turquoise Believe flower — is the tenth in the series. It took place March 14-29, 2020. Stay tuned for our next run, Hope, coming up later this spring!

Note: We are currently offering past virtual runs for which we have supplies available for just $10. We want to help keep women motivated and moving at a time when so many races have been canceled. 

How it works

We will be doing one race at a time throughout the next three years. Each race will have signature bling and exclusive swag designed just for that race. The only way to get the medals, custom necklace charms and apparel is to register as these items will not be sold outside of the virtual run packages.

You do not have to register for every race within the series.

You are welcome to register for a single race and there is no requirement to register for the entire series. If there are one or two flowers that have special meaning to you, you are welcome to participate in those races only.

Now, are there any advantages to participating in every single race within the series?

SQUUUUEEEEEE. Yes! This is part of the fun! If you register for each race, you will be rewarded with fun surprises throughout the next three years. For instance, we did a special limited edition headband for all those who complete the first three races (joy, no excuses and wildflower!) and a tote bag who completed the first 6 races.

Most importantly, there will be a freaking amazing and awesome finisher medal for those participants who register and complete all 13 virtual races over the next three years!

We will not open registration for the next race until we have completed the one preceding it. 

Priority registration will be given first to those women who have registered for all of the previous races and are working toward completing the full series.

SHOOT! What happens if you MISS ONE???!!!

We get it. You might find out about the series late or you might miss a race along the way. We do plan on offering opportunities to make up previous races you have missed. These will be very small windows of time and will be communicated directly via email to participants. However, we cannot guarantee how many of these opportunities will be available nor how many spots we can offer. Also note, this offering is subject to change at our discretion throughout the series. 

General Virtual Race FAQs

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a race that can be ran at any location you choose! You run WHEN you want and WHERE you want. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside or participate in another race. You can run your race at your pace wherever you like, remember at Fellow Flowers we believe – forward is a pace!

What is the required distance for the Virtual Runs?

Here’s the awesome news – there is NO required distance. We are encouraging every woman to power through any mileage she wants and needs. Want to run a 5K? DO IT. Want to bust out a 10K? GET AFTER IT. Need to get in a long training run? OWN IT. Just starting out and want to run/walk one mile? FREAKING AWESOME. Some ladies have told us they are running their ‘favorite running distance’ that makes them feel happy and joyful.

But shouldn’t you at least require some type of distance?

No. We make the rules and we say POWER THROUGH FOR YOU. Have a favorite five mile loop? That counts! There are zip zero zilch requirements on distance. We want our first virtual run to be an inclusive and inviting opportunity for any woman who puts one foot in front of the other!

Even though there is a date range, will there be one day within each virtual run that most ladies are running?

There will not be specific dates for the virtual runs; instead, we are giving date ranges. We are encouraging women to find a pocket of time and #powerthrough when they can. Run solo and enjoy! Or gather some friends and running partners and make it a fun event! Whatever you do, just be sure to post your photos on social media so we can congratulate you!

What is the price?

The price ranges between $32–$50.  We offer different options for you to select from.

How does a virtual race work?

A virtual race can be done at any venue that you wish. You can walk, jog, skip or run the distance of your choice. You can complete your race at the gym on a treadmill, a practice run in town, a stroll in the park, or another local racing event. Fellow Flowers believes in the honor system so no proof is required for your race, but it would be awesome if you could upload pictures and tell us about your experience on our Facebook page or Instagram (@FellowFlowers). Use the hashtag #FFvirtualrunseries so we can find and congratulate you!

Why should I participate in a Virtual Run?

The short answer would be because it’s a fun way to join in with hundreds of other women across the country and move together! You also get a sweet medal and swag. Find some friends to run with you and enjoy the camaraderie of your girlfriends (whether they are close by and running alongside you or across the country and running with you virtually). It also enables you to join women, runners and other Fellow Flowers around the world to honor and celebrate the journey of friendship.

Other reasons you should participate in our virtual race:

  • The chance to add a fun exclusive medal to your Fellow Flowers Virtual Run Series collection
  • Complete control over your schedule. Run when you want, where you want and complete the race on your own time.
  • No travel expenses, no hassle with parking and no long lines waiting at the potty
  • The opportunity to take a moment to spend time with and reconnect with dear friends near and far

Registration FAQs

How do I ensure I receive any race related email correspondence leading up to the race?
Please make sure you are signed-up to our email list and have not unsubscribed in the past, as this could cause you to not receive our email updates. If you have unsubscribed in the past or aren’t sure whether you have or not, go ahead and visit, below the web slider you will see “I want to be part of a movement” click on the “Totally Me” button and add your name and email address to the subscription list.

You should also add to your email contacts to avoid having any emails sent to spam or junk mail by accident.

Note: We respect your privacy and will never share your email or personal information with anyone else. We also know many of you are inundated with emails so please know you will never receive more than 3 emails per week from us. On average you should expect to receive 1 email per week.

Who can participate? Do I have to participate with a friend?

Everybody and anybody! We are all fiercely united and that’s the beauty of this virtual race. You don’t have to run alongside a friend or with a group of friends, you are more than welcome to run solo but of course you will be running virtually along with a thousand other women across the country (and even world) reinforcing once again that as we lace up our shoes and fasten in our flower of choice, we are all fiercely united.

All in all this race is to honor friendship and celebrate the close friends in our lives. Other than that, there really are no other restrictions. So run, jog, walk, crawl, run alone, run in a group, run with your pet, bike, hike, it doesn’t matter. Remember – forward is a pace!

IMPORTANT! How and when do I get my virtual run information, bibs and goods?

Everything will be sent out to the ‘ship to’ address you submitted with your purchase on the date listed within the virtual run product via USPS first class mail. We’ll correspond with you before the race and keep you updated.

Also, please note your race day package arrives in a small cardboard box. If you live in a multi-residential/apartment/condo building (where mail is not delivered to your door but rather to a general mail area) please be sure to check what your building’s policies are for left/stolen packages. Regarding lost/stolen packages, we will do our best to work with you but please note once we deliver to USPS and your package is scanned into their system, USPS becomes the primary party you will work with regarding tracking and/or lost packages.

Do we get any discounts as a group?

No, we do not have discounts for groups. Everyone, regardless of registration, will need to register individually.

Do the medals come with a ribbon?

Yes! Every medal will come with a custom sublimated ribbon!

I don’t live in the United States, can I still participate?



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