The Mantra Series: Gratitude

March 29-May 27, 2023

Gratitude is so much broader, more nuanced, more powerful than we give it credit for! If the pink flower isn’t your go-to, or if gratitude doesn’t come easy for you, this chapter of our Mantra Series is for you! We’re going to dig in, reflect, connect and help you access the beauty, wonder and good all around you.

Here’s how we’ll do it: 

• Our new Gratitude collection featuring the coziest sweats, an inspiration-packed journal, a gorgeous candle, two brand-new mugs, stickers, magnets and more! Shop now!

• A new set of Tell Her cards, with twenty messages perfect for showing the women and girls in your life what you see in them and how much you appreciate them. Shop now!

• A series of thoughtful stories featuring members of the Her Whole Story team and community, plus additional quotes and prompts to provide perspective — and opportunities for YOU to share your thoughts and your story. Watch your email for messages!

• A Gratitude Challenge led by the incredible Connie Bickford! The challenge takes place May 4-17 on a private Facebook group. Join now!

We hope this focus on gratitude encourages you to slow down, notice and be filled with love for the life you’re leading and the story you’re writing every day.