Breakthrough & Begin

It’s time to discover what’s possible …

It’s time to get clear about what you really want, who you are truly meant to be and what’s been holding you back from becoming her.

It’s time for you to break through so you can begin anew.

Mel Charbonneau’s Breakthrough & Begin program is meant for women who have been stuck, who may be scared but are ready for more, who are on the verge of change, who are craving growth, who could use a little support as they write the next chapter of their story.

The cornerstone of Breakthrough & Begin is the annual oceanside retreat in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. A thoughtfully selected group of women travel to the beach for four days of reflection, support, guidance, connection and life-changing aha moments and breakthroughs.

Breakthrough & Begin is also occasionally held in a virtual format, and additional programs are offered throughout the year, all with the intent to help women break through to the life they are meant to lead.