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Introducing /Turquoise/ –  It’s time to be brave.

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Discover your flower. Define your story.

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Honor, share and celebrate why you run.

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Statement tees – the perfect way to honor your story.

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We are a women’s running movement that honors, shares and celebrates the reasons behind why women run…because we believe that every woman has a story and every woman runs with a purpose.

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your story defined

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:: Permission to Pause ::

It’s been a long time since I’ve done it.

Given myself permission to wholeheartedly let go and reconnect with myself, my passions and my core desires.

To just be. To feel, unfiltered. To lean in, effortlessly.

Why has it been so long? Oh probably because I’ve been in stealth startup mode for the past two years. Willing a business into existence. Traveling across the country on a mission. Writing copy like a crazy woman. Watching YouTube videos on how to Photoshop like a badass. Sharpening my social media ninja skills. Climbing over roadblocks. Negotiating. Reading about trademarks. Researching the industry, asking questions, and learning, learning, learning.

Yeah, it’s been busy. And, truthfully, I’ve reveled in every glorious minute of it. Turns out this ‘being in charge of my own destiny’ is totally my thing.

And there’s still so much to do. There is still so much opportunity ahead. The possibilities are palpable, and sometimes, it feels completely overwhelming.

/Black/ :: Rock Star Statement Tee $25

Say it out loud! These amazingly soft and comfy tees empower us to tell our story…not just in running, but also in life.
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The Philosophy Long Sleeve $44

The PERFECT fall running essential. Lightweight and breathable - keeping you cool while you work up a sweat.
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