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Tori’s Avoca-DO’s of Summer: #1 Avocado Toast

FullSizeRenderHealthy fat? Ummmm yeah, I’m all in for that. If someone’s going to tell me that it’s actually good to put this fat in my diet (and that it may even fight belly fat, what?!), you can bet that I’m going to listen and follow instructions. Believe me when I say that I’m a true lover of buttery and creamy goodness, but apparently those aren’t very good for me (boo-hiss), so I’ve had to find super easy ways to substitute. Enter, avocados. A great replacement for butter, dips, mixes and dressings, along with being a fantastically tasty addition to fruit or salads. Top that off with shinier hair, healthy nails and skin and I’m even more pumped about these little green guys.

Now, when we think of avocados, we all think of guacamole first, right? However, here’s the problem with our beloved guac. We usually eat waaaaay too much of it, along with way too many salty chips (and a few margaritas). Suddenly, our healthy attempts have been sabotaged. So, I’ve come up with five great ways to enjoy avocados this summer and I’m sharing the first one with you in this post and I will be sharing the others throughout the summer!

I try to incorporate avocados into my diet at least four times a week, sometimes I find myself eating them almost daily! BUT “they” say we shouldn’t have much more than a half avocado a day, so I’ve kept each recipe I share to that amount. I’m also not an exact measuring gal, so you’ll have to adjust based on your preferred taste.

FullSizeRender_1Recipe #1: Avocado Toast

YUM! Instead of slathering butter on my gluten free toast, I’ve been making this as a substitute. It’s truly delish!

  1. Mash one half avocado
  2. Add a touch of minced garlic
  3. Add a dash of cracked pepper and sea salt
  4. Mix together and spread on toast. Enjoy!

Yes, it’s as easy as that. Totally fool proof for those of you kitchen averse. And if you’re a spicy kind of gal, add your favorite hot sauce for some punch. Boom.

Stay tuned for more Tori-fied avocado recipes this summer. Do you have any favorites?


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