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Tell Her – The Possibility Collection

Tell Her – The Possibility Collection

What if she could see what you see — how brave she is, how she shows up for others, how she uses her voice, how she stays so beautifully true to herself?

What if you decided to #TellHer?

Our Possibility Collection of Tell Her cards features 25 uplifting messages for girls. Written by athlete, coach, writer and mother Mel Charbonneau, these cards use warmth, humor, wisdom and authentic words to tell girls how brave, inspiring and worthy they truly are.

Each pack contains 25 unique 3x-3-inch cards, perfect for giving to a girl when she’s doing something challenging or courageous, needs a boost or deserves a reminder of her strength. Blank space on the back of each card leaves room for you to personalize a message.

Buy One - Give One! With each pack sold, we will donate a pack to an organization serving girls, creating an exciting new ripple effect of encouragement and empowerment!

These cards also make great gifts for teachers, counselors, coaches and others who lead, inspire and serve as role models for girls.

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