Tell Her - The Wave Collection

Tell Her - The Wave Collection

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The original collection from our Tell Her launch. We LOVE this collection! These 35 cards are incredibly special and created the first wave of #tellher moments. Every movement starts with a woman willing to stand up, speak out and make some waves. This collection empowers women to keep making a difference and living their life with passion and purpose.

Gift a set the women in your life who are making waves, and keep a set for you so you're always ready to #tellher when it matters.

The wave collection is perfect for:
- Everyday moments of friendship and support
- Inspiring women to action
- Women facing adversity and challenge
- Small moments with big impact
- Telling the women in your life they matter, a lot.
- When you see a stranger making a difference
- When you see a colleague standing up for ideas
- Women who keep showing up despite the odds
- Women who inspire us with their grit and courage
- Letting her know you're there and she's not alone

- Women who need a soft reminder
- Every day encouragement

Now is the time to #tellher

Product details:
35 unique cards

  • 10 classics (from the debut collection, same in all the holiday collections)
  • 10 themed cards from debut collection 
  • 15 new cards

3 x 3 inches in size
Space to write on back of card
Beautiful premium recycled paper
Envelopes not included