Fiercely United Virtual Run

Fiercely United Virtual Run | August 28, 2016


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you are feeling like us, your hearts are heavy, your soul a bit weary and your faith, tested. There is so much hurt, anger and intolerance swirling around us… so much so, that it’s hard to keep your footing. We are inundated with the magnifications of how we are different from one another… and then we fear becoming part of a much needed conversation because we aren’t sure we have the right words. We fear being misunderstood in our attempt to gain clarity and understanding… and the temptation to stay quiet isn’t always because we don’t have a view, it’s simply because we aren’t sure how or where or with whom to share it. And we feel alone, even helpless, in something that feels so big, vast and beyond us.

Our first planning meeting to discuss our fiercely united virtual run came less than 24 hours after the shootings in Orlando. We couldn’t focus – we felt guilty for sitting around planning a virtual run while so many lives had just been senselessly shattered. All we felt was disbelief and heartbreak.

And then we just let ourselves talk… about how we were feeling. What everyone was feeling. And what our world needed… and how even though we felt so, so small amidst such a chaotic time, it wasn’t so much about we needed to do… but what we must continue to do.

Just love.

Meet the anger with love.
Meet the confusion with love.
Show love in the face of heartbreak.
Show love for those grieving.
Give love to those who need it.
Give love to those we know are hurting.

Love is an ACTION. Love is not passive. Love is a choice.

Photo Jul 14, 3 37 40 PMThat day we sketched out a heart, made with flowers. Red, for love. Orange, for fiercely united. Layered on top of one another… inseparable.

And then weeks later, more chaos, hurt and anger played out on our phones, screens and hearts… and we realized this virtual run was going to be about way more than just miles. We, as a running community, may not be able to shift the world’s chaos… but we can shift and shape the conversations we’re having… we can spread goodness in our newsfeeds… we can choose love in our own beautiful way. We can each be a single rock that creates a ripple of love… and together, we create some waves and remind people that we are GOOD… that the human spirit is RESILIENT… and that we are always better TOGETHER.

We run together.
We rise together.
And we love one another through it.

We show the world what fiercely united looks like.

You can register as a solo superstar OR squad style.

- Solo Superstar -

When you run with a flower, you NEVER run alone. Choose from the 5K or 13.1 options and run Fiercely United with hundreds of women all across the country.

- Squad Style -

Think of it like a team with unlimited spots. You can split the distance with your #girlsquad and run fiercely united together! Select either the 5K or half marathon and you and your squad can tackle the miles together. Split the miles however you want, and add as many people to your squad as you like. If you’re just starting out, you and your BRF can split the 5K distance and each take on 1.55 miles. If you’re looking to get in a nice long run, you and your BRF could split the 13.1 distance and each run 6.55 miles. If you have a huge squad, you can pick a distance and each of ALL of you run the entire thing. (For squads, there is nothing special you have to do during registration. Simply choose the squad option and coordinate on your own!) And remember, you can run side-by-side OR many miles apart. Make it YOUR race.


You will receive all your race goodies PRIOR to the race if registered before August 18, including your professional custom race bib. Register early so you don’t miss out.

Medal Package – $28 – REGISTER HERE
– Includes beautiful custom medal, race bib + safety pins, magnet

Race Tee + Medal Package – $45 – REGISTER HERE
– Includes race day tee, beautiful 4-inch custom medal, race bib + safety pins, magnet

Select Your Distance

You have two distance options to choose from – 5K or 13.1

Before Race Day:

Medals will be delivered before race day for all participants who are registered before August 18. For those who register after August 18, we’ll ship out race medals as close to race days as possible. Fellow Flowers will send additional details/directions closer to race day. New this year: Your race bib will be sent to you in your package! 

After Race Day:

Once you’ve completed your run, upload your race time to our virtual race roster! Tweet @FellowFlowers or tag your @FellowFlowers in your virtual run photos on Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FellowFlowers too!

For questions or more information about the Fellow Flowers Fiercely United Virtual Run, email us at


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