My Village

Author pic By Torre Summers
FF Crew + FF Blog Contributor + runner

I have a village of women who have inspired me, who have been my rocks, cheerleaders and support system. They have seen me on my best day and have seen me face down in the arena on some of the worst days in my life.  They have always believed, always loved and always accepted me for me.

My husband is a two time kidney transplant recipient. His first happened in our first year of marriage almost 17 years ago. That selfless donor gave us a newlywed life and later on two babies who are now 11 and 8.  The first transplant failed after 10 or so years, so on dialysis he went.  What a blow to our family, what a shift in our lifestyle, in my personal lifestyle. With two young children we both made life work-with the help of that village…those women were there fulfilling many needs we had and many needs we had no idea we had.

After 3 ½ years of dialysis our prayers were answered and another selfless donor saved my husband and our family. We had him back, our life back and during all that, we experienced what true love and care were all about.

My village was there then and now 3 years post transplant they are all here now. They collectively made me realize how important it was to depend on them, to lean on them, to be vulnerable and to trust they would all handle that with care.  There were days that I wasn’t Super Woman and that was ok.  Today, I am a better wife, mother and me because of my village.  I am taking on new challenges, experiences  and caring for myself in ways I just couldn’t during the time my husband was waiting.  I found running at 39 and now at 41 will be running my first ½ marathon with the encouragement of that always there and expanding village of women. I am forever grateful, for this village…for in my world that is what it took.  All of these women, in support of me and my family…THEY Rock!

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