#justlove – Q&A with Walisa Dickson


Interview with Walisa Dickson
FF Crew + FF Blog Contributor + runner

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Where do you currently call home?
I currently reside in Brunswick, OH (#GoBlue!)

How long have you been a Fellow Flower?
4 years! And I’m proud to say I’ve been part of the FFCrew for the past 2 years.

How did you find out about Fellow Flowers?
I came upon Fellow Flowers via chatter in another running community. A group of women raved about a fun, motivational, supportive group for Women. What?? Women supporting Women? I had to check it out! I followed FF and loved the message and similarities amongst the women who needed that reassurance we can achieve goals we put our focus to accomplishing. It was a community about more than just fitness, but strength, love, and an abundance of support. I stayed.

What is one goal you are chasing right now?
I am training to complete my 3rd FULL Marathon, the Chicago Marathon on October 9th. Finish lines, not finish times.

What’s one word to describe you in this moment:
#Fierce (positive mental spirit). I am on fire with determination to crush training goals.


What is your current go-to flower?
I have three.

/wildflower/:: I show up to show out. No expectations, but to complete the run and have fun.
/turquoise/:: I believe in me and love the challenge. If I accept the challenge, then I am brave and determined enough to bypass the obstacles to #HulkSmash
/red/:: As the training is nearing the end, the miles get longer, the obstacles increase, I have to shake it off. I have to dig deep down, summon that inner Warrior Spirit, grit my teeth, and stay devoted to the commitment.

What is one thing you are #justlove-ing right now in your life?
SUPPORT!! The amount of support from everyone is AMAZING!!


Favorite quote that inspires you?
“Believe in yourself and ALL that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle.”

Any people in your corner who are inspiring you on your journey?
Honestly, there are so many people that inspire me that I prefer not to break down by names.

Everyone has some goal they would like to achieve or have crushed. I listen and watch. I cheer near or far, but I use their enthusiasm, positive energy, care, and smiles as inspiration for me to keep going towards my goal.


Walisa, we JUST LOVE YOU!

And dang, you make that #justlove tank look fierce. Keeping chasing goals and inspiring us all! (Ladies, grab your tank here!)




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