Honoring Your Reality and Getting Back in the Game

2By Jen Brydges
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner



I started running to lose weight and, in the process, I fell in love with it. Like hard core love. I became a fairly decent runner and 26.2 is my very favorite distance.

When I got pregnant, I vowed to be the healthiest pregnant person you’d ever met. I was going to workout and continue running and it would be awesome. And then the puking started. And it was brutal. There were days when getting out of bed was the hardest thing in the world. Once I was out of bed, I was sick. All. Day. Long. But, I tried to look on the bright side – my baby was ok, I was technically “fine” and we were moving right along. It had to stop at some point, right?

While the puking never really subsided, I did start to feel a little better and was all set to get moving ASAP. That’s when I was sidelined with placenta previa. Mine wasn’t drastic enough to put me on bed rest (thankfully!), but there was no working out in sight. It crushed me to sit on the sidelines and not move. But you know, small sacrifice to grow a tiny human.

My pregnancy took a toll on me both physically and mentally. I gained a lot of weight and suffered some pretty deep depression, some of which1 was due to not being able to exercise (always my favorite therapy). But, it also taught me a lot, and my kiddo is teaching me even more about honoring your reality and keeping expectations in check. Sometimes, your expectations and your reality don’t mesh. It’s at that point where you either have to get on board with where you are and do what you need to do to be awesome and healthy and get things done or, you suffer, always wishing for something else – a place that may be realistic but just not right now.

Being pregnant and now a mom is a whole new chapter. One that is just beginning – and it’s exciting and scary all at the same time. It’s super awesome to be a mom, but it’s hard too, and sometimes, downright exhausting. I have had to come to terms with the fact that I have to start running and losing the weight from square one. It’s not as easy this time around and, it hurts. But, for me, it’s better to be moving forward than not moving at all. 

43I’m so excited to participate in the She Rocks Virtual Run – to celebrate the “new chapter” and my current reality. I know that I may have to walk some and I know that it may hurt – both emotionally and physically. But I also know how important it is to honor this journey. Honoring my health, my sanity, my strength and determination, my family and most importantly, my daughter. It’s not just about logging the miles, it’s about something so much bigger.

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