The story behind Flower It Forward

flowers_floweritforwardHave you ever gifted a flower to someone else?

A very simple question that we’ve asked our community of women, sparking some of the most beautiful comments we’ve ever seen. Every woman writing with purpose of how giving or receiving a flower has transformed the way she runs, validated a friendship, created a deeper connection to something she’s already doing, or most importantly, changed the way she sees herself.

Yes, while we haven’t ‘received’ a flower per say, we, throughout the past three years, have been given the blessed privilege of ‘giving’ a flower. Sometimes one. Sometimes hundreds. What we get in return from the recipients…the inner joy, the warm hearts, the childlike excitement and deep feelings of gratitude…is priceless.

When does this happen?

How does this happen?

The honest answer is when our instinct tells us to.

And we’ve never regretted it.


Over the past four years, we’ve had thousands of women come into our lives, homes, inboxes, Facebook feeds, expo spaces and hearts. And while we can’t explain it, there are moments – sometimes fleeting and other times, spanning long conversation – when we know deep in our souls – this woman (and her story) need a flower.

Maybe she came in to our expo space, silently read everything, looked ready but then walked away, only to eventually be drawn back to look more…and still, couldn’t do it.

Maybe her emotions surprised her, quickly wiping away tears while reading a statement card, only to put it down and start walking away.

Maybe she shared a piece of her story with us, a part of her soul, but for some reason couldn’t commit.

The reason? One never knows. We know (and we often say) it’s overwhelming to come across all our statement cards, read them and make a decision. Too, for a woman to openly choose the one she knows is ‘her story’ also means validating it – “I’m making this real. I’m honoring it. I’m embracing it.” Some women are rushed – balancing kids, the antsy hubs or tight lunch hour – but you can tell, they want so badly to stay and soak it all in. And heck, some women connect so deeply with the meaning but resist the idea of wearing a flower. We get it.

This is when it happens. The ‘giving.’

worthy flowerThe rhythm of these discoveries is inconsistent, spontaneous and organic. It’s never pre-determined, and rarely discussed. There is no ‘giveaway’ stash that we tuck away. The instinct is always heart-based.

We’ve handed them to women without saying a word, because of a profound conversation and connection we experienced. We’ve shed tears and hugged them – strangers turned friends – after spending time listening to their stories, knowing exactly what color they need. We’ve chased women down through crowds…literally, after they’ve walked away without one and it just didn’t feel right.

We’ll say it again. We’ve never regretted it.

The giving.


And to truly give – to step into the joy of what that means – is to expect nothing in return. 

We get to do this. Day after day, we get to experience this joy. And we know from hearing your stories, you love experiencing this joy too. Hundreds of you are giving away your flowers because of connections you are making as well.

YOU are resonating with a friend.
YOU feel the compelling urge to reach out.
YOU want to honor a friend’s journey.
YOU take the flower out of your hair and gift it to another woman because you KNOW it’s meant for her.  

YOU give from a place of joy, with the expectation of nothing in return.

That is why we created Flower It Forward – our way of not just making it easier for women to give, but to also make it more meaningful.

Last year, we were blown away by the amazingly beautiful response by all of you. The loving nudges. Healthy reminders. Honoring of friendships. Silent understandings. Overdue expressions. Reminders of self-worth. Encouragement of dreams. Excuse caller-out’ers. Women supporting women. Women getting it.

It’s almost time for Flower It Forward to begin again. 

It will run from October 1 – 9. We have a ton of surprises in store for you, but most importantly is ensuring you have the opportunity to give – and the most important women in your life have the opportunity to receive a gift that truly matters.

It is our favorite time of year. We can’t wait to hear about all the amazing stories that unfold as a result of your kindness and friendship.

Let the fiercely united ripple effect begin.


Mel & Tori



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