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How Believing in Myself Helped Me Conquer a Marathon

Written by Turquoise Fellow Flower, Kimberly Wilderspin, Cedarville, MI I never imagined I would run a marathon. Then again, I never imagined I would get a divorce. In my case, the timing of these two events were synchronous with each other. I had started running 3 years ago (2012), running my first 5K with a… Read More

Running With a Purpose

Written by Fellow Flower, Lori Haldeman, Janesville, WI Perfect Timing for a Challenge I was diagnosed with Lymphoma- Stage 4 in June 2013 and had completed 5 rounds of chemotherapy. When I first saw the challenge posted, I was doing my maintenance treatments. I was intermittently running—with little purpose—just to get out for stress relief… Read More

DID 2014

Setting Two Goals, Driven by Courage

Written by Green Fellow Flower, Jennifer Gard, Rockford, MI I was fortunate to discover Fellow Flowers in August 2012. I can honestly say that it has taken my running to another level! My Declare It Day (DID) 2014 goals were: 1. Run with a friend and first time marathon runner for a sub 4:00 hour… Read More


Wearing My Flower and Challenging Myself

Written by Fellow Flower, Sandy Pinto I am currently 68 years old and have just discovered running, thanks to my daughter. I started running in April 2013, and my daughter talked me into running a half marathon relay in Sarasota, taking place in March 2014. During that time, I was running/walking about 3 miles every… Read More

Heather B

United by a Goal and a Flower

Written by Turquoise Fellow Flower, Heather Bellian, Ohio Check my 2014 “Declare It Day” goals off the list! This is a (true) story of how two women, who had never met, were united by a goal and a flower, which helped them developed a friendship along the way. Supporting Each Other and Finding Our Flower… Read More

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