Rock Retreat Run

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Join us August 11 – 14, 2016 in Traverse City, Michigan for a girls weekend unlike any other.

Rock Retreat Run is a unique women’s running retreat and experience, thoughtfully created and designed to bring together active women who seek fearless connection and personal growth and want to be part of a movement that celebrates the reasons why women put one foot in front of the other.

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Three unforgettable days of running, learning, inspiring speakers, engaging sessions, dancing, cocktails and lifelong connections with women who lift you higher.

“I had no idea how much I needed this time for me.
As women, we hustle around giving all of ourselves to other people and sometimes, we forget how important it is to replenish our souls and renew our own spirits. I realized through RRR how important it is to give back to myself.”
- 2015 RRR attendee

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Featured Keynote speakers include

Glennon_red photoGlennon Doyle Melton

Glennon Doyle Melton is the author of the inspiring and hilarious New York Times bestselling memoir, Carry On, Warrior, and the highly anticipated forthcoming memoir Love Warrior. She is the founder of, an on-line community where hundreds of thousands of readers meet daily to experience her shameless and laugh-out-loud funny essays about marriage, motherhood, faith, addiction, recovery, and serving the marginalized. She is also the creator and president of Together Rising, a non-profit organization that has revolutionized on-line giving through “Love Flash Mobs” and has connected countless families in need with millions of dollars in critical resources.

Molly BarkerMolly Barker

Molly Barker is the founder of Girls on the Run International, the program that uses running to empower girls. A four-time Hawaii Ironman triathlete, Molly used her background in social work, counseling and teaching to develop the program. Since Barker founded it in 1996, it has served a million girls and earned her numerous accolades, including the Daily Point of Light Award, given by President Obama and Former President Bush in a ceremony at the White House. In 2014, Molly launched the The Red Boot Coalition, an inspiring movement that provides safe places where people can engage in honest sharing and compassionate listening, focused on positively changing how we lead at home, at work and within our communities.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.19.08 PMCelia Slater

Pioneering, forward-thinking and solution-focused, Celia Slater is a nationally-recognized leader committed to providing professional development opportunities for coaches of all sports interested in pursuing both excellence in their profession and bridging the gap toward gender equality for both coaches and players. Celia’s core beliefs rest in the power of emotional investment in reaching one’s own “true north” to achieve the height of victory as a coach, not just in accolades, but by successfully understanding one’s self, being authentic, and communicating with one’s players to have a mutually-beneficial relationship.

086_fellowflowers-products_webMel + Tori

Individually dynamic speakers, facilitators and coaches and a powerhouse duo of inspiration, laughter and storytelling, Mel Charbonneau and Tori Sager are the co-founders of Fellow Flowers and creators of Rock Retreat Run. Their mission behind starting Fellow Flowers in 2012 was a commitment to serving women that needed a voice and a space to belong. With their now 13 signature flower colors, all with deep rooted meaning and words behind them, they have given women a way to honor, share and celebrate the reasons why they run.

Media and programming partner, Women’s Running Magazine

WR_NEW_LOGO_2014Women’s Running is the world’s largest women-specific running magazine. It covers all aspects of the running lifestyle, from active beauty needs to training plans. The Women’s Running mission is simple: to create a high-quality magazine for smart, successful women who use running to balance and enrich their lives.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.05.30 PMManaging editor Nicki Miller, who attended last year’s RRR event in Scottsdale, is excited to return and offer an even bigger impact this year. “One of the best parts of my job with Women’s Running is how I can help and inspire so many people based on interviews I’ve done, articles I’ve researched and trends that I’ve witnessed. I’m in this field because I love learning new things and because of the unbelievable impact that running can have on individuals and on our society—and I want to share that with others!”

Registration + Perks

For every woman, for every runner. We are creating an inclusive space for women who run to share ideas and stories, learn and become inspired, discuss trends and challenges and above all, create soul-filling connections and memories. Your full weekend itinerary is here.

Over three full days, you will receive:

Thursday evening event, including appetizers and premium cocktails
– Healthy and nutritional breakfasts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
– Healthy and nutritional lunches on Friday and Saturday
– Friday evening cocktail hour, including appetizers and premium cocktails
– Saturday evening event, including seated dinner and premium cocktails

– Morning keynotes and unplugged conversation with Mel + Tori
– Mainstage inspiration with women leaders, action-takers and dreamchasers
– Workshops covering running tips, personal growth and fearless connection
– Panel discussions with interactive Q&A sessions
– DIY sessions and hands-on learning
– Running and nutritional experts on-hand throughout the weekend

– Flower-style 5K on resort property; Untimed + FUN + Celebration
– Coordinated running flights, catered to speed and distance
– Morning yoga + stretching
– Off-property excursion (TBA); Including all transportation to/from off-site location

– Access to our sponsor and partner products
– Welcome bag with premium swag
– Special surprises that we can’t share with you yet!

Register now and grab your spot!

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The Dream

Rock Retreat Run was created to provide an inclusive space for women runners and women looking to make positive, healthy shifts in their physical and personal lives. In our inaugural launch this past year in Scottsdale, Arizona, our intuitive hunch and big dream was met with an overwhelmingly positive and sold-out response with 150 attendees. We delivered not just an event, but a story. Through intentional messaging, engaging speakers and authentic experiences, we brought to life our vision – creating an inclusive space for women who run to share ideas and stories, learn and become inspired, discuss trends and challenges and above all, create soul-filling connections and memories.

The Evolution

Our 2016 event will build upon the success and excitement of last year, expanding to 250 attendee spots. Last year, we focused on encouraging women to say yes to themselves, big dreams and new opportunities. This year, we will set the stage for women to rise up and step into their true selves. We will be motivating and encouraging women to commit to and do the work of their dreams through interactive sessions, panel discussions and speakers. We will ask women what they are willing to do to create the lives they love and provide them with the resources, inspiration and tools to get them started on this path.

“I was blown away by the women I met at RRR and by the depth of the program Tori and Mel crafted. As much as we all learned about ourselves and one another that weekend, it never felt preachy – it was one of the most inclusive, encouraging events I have ever experienced. Speaking to a room filled with women who were each on their own journey, yet shared so much of my own was an honor. The energy, support and enthusiasm was contagious and it has most definitely stayed with me.”
Erica Hill, keynote speaker + TODAY Show co-host

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Heartfelt words from past attendees…

“Lasting friendships.”

 “Finally able to be me.”

“The perfect mix of fun, running and learning.”

“Unlike anything I have ever experienced. I will never be able to put its impact on me into words.”

Every woman was real and authentic. It was amazing.”

“I came alone, and I left connected.”

“The food, the cocktails, the gifts, the surprises – UNREAL. It blew me away how detailed everything was.”

“Mel and Tori are the real deal. True, authentic and they gave every part of their heart and soul to this weekend. Because they show up as themselves, it empowered all of us to do the same.”

“Completely 100% worth every penny. I won’t hesitate for one second to sign up again next year. This is the best investment in myself I have ever made.”

“If ever there was a space that combined all the things I love – amazing friendships, running, fun and cocktails, learning and DANCING – it is Rock Retreat Run.”


Your hotel accommodations

All of our weekend events will take place at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, a beautiful and sprawling property just minutes from downtown and a short drive from the local airport. If possible, we recommend you stay on property as our mornings start early and evenings, well, they go pretty late :) If our room block is sold out, please ask to be put on the waiting list. Also, once you register, you will have access to the RRR Facebook page where you can post and inquire about women who have space in their rooms. (We’ve already had ladies indicate that YES they do have space.) Alternatively, the resort can recommend nearby properties for your stay.

To the woman who is wondering if this event is for her…

Here’s the deal.

As women runners with a passion for improving our lives physically and emotionally all while not taking ourselves too seriously and having fun in the process, we could not find an experience that celebrated all the things we love. Can you combine hardcore interval training workouts with late night dance floor shenanigans? You sure can. Can you dive deep into your own personal growth while still making time for new friendships and laughter? Yes. Can you learn the art of fueling your body with all of life’s necessary and beautiful ingredients while still sipping on savory cocktails? Heck yes.

And as much as Rock Retreat Run is about fun, it packs a huge punch when it comes to speakers, programming and content. We know you want to learn and become inspired. We know you want running tips and engaging personal discoveries. We’ve got you covered. Our sessions range from learning how to own and share your story to personal growth to running techniques to nutrition to creating healthy lifestyle habits to learning about essential oils. Our speakers are authentic, real and often found in deep discussion with attendees, and they range from seasoned experts to national leaders to emerging voices.

Okay, now here’s the REAL deal.

(Let’s get honest, shall we?) You’ve probably read all of this text and while every little piece of you is saying OMG YES YES YES to this event, you’re still probably hearing a little voice inside of you that is wonderfully and rationally trying to talk you out of it. We’re so good at that, aren’t we?

It’s incredibly easy to listen to the voice of fear and self-doubt. Whether it’s about showing up alone, fitting in, doing something new or unapologetically putting ourselves first. Fear is really good at keeping us in our comfort zones and talking us out of much-needed change. Fear can be the expected in-your-face kind, and it can also be a little sneaky. It’ll disguise itself as the protector, giving us all sorts of logical reasons and valid excuses not to do something. You’re not ready. It costs a lot of money. You won’t know anyone. It’s going to be hard to fit it into the schedule. You’ll have to ask for help and you don’t want to put people out like that. You can do it next year when you feel more ready.

We also know that the greater the leap out of the familiar, the louder that fear will roar.

“Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it.”

But what if you did? 

What if you did put yourself out there despite the fear and registered anyway?

We’re all in the same boat here ladies. And we’re all going to have each other’s backs to ensure that every single woman feels the fearless connection and immediately feels that she’s found her tribe. You may arrive alone, but you will leave fiercely united.

2015 attendee Jill puts it pretty perfectly. “I came alone. I planned on being alone, but I was immediately embraced with new friends. The women empowering each other was so beautiful to see, and now I have made friends for life.”

Still not convinced? Take a deep breath and ask yourself this: Will I regret letting this fear talk me out of not going? 

There’s your answer.

Registration is now live… See you in Traverse City… we can’t wait!


- Mel + Tori


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