How To ‘Flower It Forward’

HandsIn_ChicagoThis is a full-circle movement of generosity where one compassionate soul supports another. It is friendship at the deepest level. It is to give from a place of joy, and to receive from a place of gratitude. Here’s what you need to know about our Flower It Forward campaign.

Dates: It only comes around ONCE a year! This year, Flower It Forward runs from October 1st to October 9th.

Promotional Code –During checkout, enter FIF2016 to receive 50% off every flower you purchase. You MUST use this code to receive the discount at time of purchase. 

Personal Message – We will be including a personal notecard into every ‘Flower It Forward’ order we receive, written for the recipient of your generosity. We want to personally let them know the purpose behind this challenge and why they are so darn special for being part of it. And yes, for every flower you order, a card will be included. For example, if you order five flowers we will include FIVE custom notecards.

photo-sep-29-12-59-03-pmFREE Tote Bag when you purchase 12 or more flowers! No code necessary and it will ship WITH your flowers! We wanted you to have something fabulous to carry around all those flowers with! This tote is pretty gorgeous too, btw!



Our system allows for only ONE shipping address per online purchase. We realize that many of you have several gal pals on your hit list, so here are the options.

If you plan on ‘Flowering It Forward’ to more than one gal pal, here’s what you’ll need to do for shipping:

  • Ship the entire purchase to yourself, and go from there. You can distribute and/or mail them individually from this point.
  • Do separate online purchases as to include the specific shipping address of each friend as you go. Yes, this would mean if you have three friends you want flowers shipped to, you would have three separate online transactions.
  • Bottom line: Each option includes a little work from you. So, ask yourself, “Do I trust myself enough to mail them share_your_storymyself or should I go the extra step and have them do it for me?”

If you plan on ‘flowering it forward’ to one person, shipping options are:

  • Put your friend’s address in ‘mail to’ option and it will go straight to her/him. (The personal message will be included, so have no fear – it’ll be delivered with love and will have your name and your friend’s name included.)
  • Ship it to yourself and deliver on your own!

flowershuddleShipping Questions

1. I’m ‘Flowering it Forward’ but also ordering gear for myself  – can you split my order and send to two different addresses?

  • No. If you are including items for yourself, we recommend shipping everything to your address and mailing/delivering your ‘Flower It Forward’ items separately on your own.

2. I’m ‘Flowering It Forward’ to a friend and want to ship it directly to her – how will she know it’s from me?

  • We will handwrite her name on the custom FIF card that comes with her flower. (Yup, we go the extra mile for you!) This will require you to put your name in the billing address and your friend’s name in the shipping address. We use the exact first name you put in the ‘ship to’ address, so please be mindful of this!

224216_10101531027725047_2117516362_n3. This is rather cumbersome to have to do some of the legwork myself – is there any way you can fix your system to accommodate multiple shipping addresses?

  • No, sorry. In the small biz world, sometimes we just gotta roll with it. But the extra legwork will be worth it when your friend receives this generous gift from you – TRUST us.

4. What is the estimated shipping time?

  • We process hundreds (if not thousands) of orders during Flower It Forward, so we appreciate your patience in knowing our team works as hard as possible to ship out every order as quickly as possible. Packages are sent out via USPS First Class mail from our location in Wisconsin. We are estimating all packages will be sent out within 10-14 business days. Tracking numbers are included.



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