Ways to Participate + Share

Participating is easy, simple and fun.

Keep it fun, simple and meaningful to YOU. Decide to declare any way that works for you!


– Go for a run and contemplate the goal you want to commit to and work toward.
– Do something you love that puts you in the best mindset for goal setting.
– Write it out. Spend some time writing out all the things on your list for 2017.
– Grab a glass of wine, turn up the tunes, have a dance party and write it down in the comfort of your own home.
– Print it, declare it, share it – no frills or fuss. Just getting it done #likeaboss.

:: Gather Your TRIBE ::

– Gather with some friends at a coffee shop, sip and talk through your goals for the year ahead. Bring some books and quotes that might help prompt conversation and get things started. (We recommend How to Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields, The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, Rising Strong by Brene Brown and Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.)
– Get in some miles with your runner friends. Everyone takes their turn talking about a goal for the year ahead. (And while they are talking, they set the pace, ha!)
– Host ladies for mimosas, brunch or a low key gathering at your house; Keep it simple and just hang like you always do.
– Easy and fun lunch or dinner somewhere. Huddle around a table, enjoy the conversation and laughter, sip on a beverage and create a meaningful space where women can be themselves and share.
– Glam it up. Celebrate in style. Get fancy and sip martinis. Just as long as a goal gets declared as well!

:: Go big and make it an EVENT ::

– If you have a large group and you want to go big, by all means go for it! Grab a space, send out invites, make it fun and go for it!
– Host a big ol’ party at your house.
– Convince a local running store, yoga studio or gym to let you take part of it over for the day! Create a special class, special or workout just for Declare It Day attendees.
– Partner with a local women’s group or organization and make it fun day for everyone!

:: Official events we know about ::

There are some events happening throughout the country that our FFCrew ladies are hosting! Feel free to connect in with them and learn details for attending!

Madison Declare It Day Party – Feb 4th, 7 pm.





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