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It started with a conversation between girlfriends (doesn’t everything?) and became a national movement – founded on inclusivity and empowerment – that celebrates the journey of chasing a goal, dream or aspiration.

It was January, we were boarding a flight to Phoenix, and we were comparing our stack of magazines for the long cross-country flight. The magazine covers were littered with resolution success secrets, weight-loss tricks and superficial ‘how-to’s’ that made us laugh, and also think, “Is this seriously all there is? Shouldn’t we have something a bit more realistic and inspiring for women who want to commit and work toward goals?”

We wanted more. We wanted to create a space where women could set goals and feel empowered – not intimidated – by the process. We wanted goals with meaning and substance, where the ‘why’ behind setting them was just as important as the goal itself. We wanted fun and laughter to combat the nervous butterflies that come with stepping out of a comfort zone. We wanted fierce inclusivity, virtual high fives and celebration. We wanted to eliminate the stereotypes that keep women from stepping in, and we were committed to crushing the vicious silos that prevent women from connecting with each other.
We wanted a space for women’s voices to be heard, validated and celebrated.

We also knew this effort needed some structure to make it work. It would require a sacred day when women would stand united across this country and collectively lay down their doubts, insecurities and excuses and together, bravely declare their goals, worthiness and dreams.

And so, for the next three hours, amidst mid-flight margaritas, we dreamed, wrote and designed our grand vision for Declare It Day. A day for women to speak from their souls, listen to the whispers of possibility, crush excuses and boldly and bravely declare a goal for the year ahead.

In it’s first year, we had 1000 women declare goals and last year, over 4,000 women throughout the world joined our goal-setting vision. The most beautiful and rewarding part of Declare It Day is when women reflect and write about their experiences. Yes, many women have inspired us with success stories and huge markers of personal transformation, but equally as powerful are the women who encounter challenges. We’ve heard from many who fall shy, but learn and revel in the journey they have taken.

That is the other key piece of Declare It Day – we honor the journey just as much as the goal. So many of us are paralyzed by the fear of failing that we never even begin the journey. We sit on the sidelines and cheer for others while neglecting our own self-worth and dreams. We honor those women, who for the first time, are putting themselves first, doing it scared and FINALLY believing they are worthy of the journey.

We hope you’ll join us this year and take the journey with us. It’s time to own it, declare it and make your goal or dream a reality.

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