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12990935_969714726416789_107003886975279069_nOver the past five years, we’ve talked with thousands of active, strong women – beautifully diverse in age, ability and life experience – and we’ve recognized one powerful thing we all have in common…

We are all running toward the best version of ourselves, and we deserve a space to celebrate not just the miles, but the moments of transformation along the way.

When a woman embarks on a new journey, she deserves a community of women to share those moments and miles with.

When a woman starts training for a race or PR or goal, she deserves the support of other women who will cheer her on.

When a woman snaps a sweaty and smiling selfie with the proud of feeling of ‘I JUST DID THAT!’ she deserves a space to post and CELEBRATE this effort.

When a woman crosses a finish line and realizes it is JUST THE BEGINNING of what she can accomplish, she needs a community of women who will be with her for the next adventure.

When a woman wants to connect with other strong and empowered women who are out there training, running, moving, dreaming and CHASING goals, she knows she needs to be part of something bigger than herself.

When a woman realizes that running has changed her in the most beautiful and stunning ways, she realizes its time to pay it forward and cheer on other women who are seeking that same joy and purpose.

Membership + Sisterhood

The FFCrew is an empowering and inclusive community where women connect, share, and celebrate both their miles and the stories behind them. We inspire and motivate each other to chase our goals – on and off the pavement.

Her Madison Half 2016

FFCrew membership is for you if:

You’re a woman who runs and moves your body with intention.

You make health and fitness a priority.  

You enjoy celebrating the wins of life, both small and big.

You’re on a journey of self discovery and personal growth.

You enjoy connecting with like minded women who share a common goal.

You find ways to lift others up.

You’ve found exercise to be among your greatest resources during times of struggle.

You enjoy learning about the proper ways to fuel your body.

You dig deeper. You fight harder. You fall. You rise stronger.

You fiercely believe in supporting other women.

You try not to compare yourself, or your story, to others.

You get inspired watching other women succeed.

You love the idea of using the messages of our 13 flowers as intentions for your movement.

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Photo Jun 28, 7 13 36 AM (2)How it works

The FFCrew is an annual membership. Your membership fee is based on the value and access to our amazing community of women, resources, special programs, community support and conversation. This is not a traditional ambassador program with expectations on how you share or promote Fellow Flowers. There is no pressure to purchase apparel beyond your membership fee – everything is optional. (You will have access to special sales, discounts and product throughout the year.) We will let you know about these promotions and apparel options when they are available but there is no requirement for you to purchase.

We truly believe you drive this experience. You can choose to share, step in, and participate more often, or to hang back, soak in the positivity, and enjoy the support if that’s more your thing. Many women live somewhere in the middle of these options. But (ahem) your experience will be what you make of it. Please keep in mind that a large majority of our conversation happens via our closed Facebook group, ZOOM online meet-ups, and when possible, in-person events.

What to expect from your membership:

  • Daily inspiration from hundreds of women who run, move and set goals
  • Conversation about the latest and greatest workout apps, gear and apparel
  • Sneak peeks and access to new Fellow Flowers gear
  • Exclusive discounts + surprise deals throughout the year (available only to FFCrew)
  • Options to purchase custom FFCrew gear
  • Opportunity to organize meet-ups with women from around the country
  • Live videos from Mel and Tori
  • Priority access to Rock Retreat Run registration 
  • Race entry discounts from participating races around the country
  • Opportunity to take part in the FFCrew book club (once per year)
  • Access to our closed FFCrew Facebook page
  • Opportunity to take part in FFCrew challenges and programs (we’re kicking off a nutrition/health program this March!)

Don’t join just for the discounts. Please. If you try to equate the price of your annual membership with the discounts and perks, you’re putting a price tag on the wrong value. Join for the connection, for the inclusive space to share your story, and to be inspired by the stories of the incredible women around you. Do it for the learning and the laughter, for the validation that you aren’t alone in your journey. The FFCrew is about the miles and moments of transformation—the swag, sweet deals, and perks are the cherry on top.

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How your Fellow Flowers experience changes when you become a member:


FFCrew Member

Inspiring and empowering messages to keep you motivated on your journey

Monthly emails with important Fellow Flowers news, events and activities

Chance to win occasional giveaways and have access to certain sales and discounts

Opportunity to participate in free virtual events (like Declare It Day and the #FFHolidayChallenge)

Members-only FFCrew bi-monthly emails with sneak peeks and community highlights

Members-only sales + discounts, plus early access to new and limited edition products and apparel

Priority registration access to Rock Retreat Run 

Exclusive discount on Fellow Flowers virtual runs and online training plans

Live Facebook chats with Mel & Tori throughout the year

Opportunity to participate in the Fellow Flowers Book Club (once a year)

Closed Facebook group for further connection, support and encouragement

Want to join? AWESOME! Now here are a few important questions to ask yourself first…

We want you to set the intention for your membership experience. This is an investment in YOU and it’s a big deal! As you register and hit ‘confirm’ ask yourself these questions: 

What do I want to get out of my FFCrew experience this year? And how will I contribute to this experience? 

Why did I decide to join this community? What are the core reasons I’m saying YES to this membership?

The reason these questions are important on the front end is because often times our motivation, excitement (and sometimes fear of missing out, aka FOMO) pushes us into experiences before we stop to ask ourselves why we’re really doing it. We hope after you’ve thought about these questions, you’ll be clear and passionately focused on WHY the FFCrew is for you and what you want to get out of your experience. We can’t wait to welcome you into this awesome community of strong, bold and goal-chasing women!

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Q: What does the FFCrew membership cost?

The cost of your annual membership is $149. This includes access to our closed Facebook community, exclusive discounts + deals throughout the year and access to all our FFCrew challenges and programs.

Q: Is there a payment plan for the fee structure?

Unfortunately, we are unable to create payment plans at this time. If you are interested in joining the crew, we will need full financial commitment upfront. We appreciate your understanding.

Q: Is this an annual registration?

Yes. We’ll send you information when it’s time to renew your annual registration so that your your account stays current.

Q: Does it matter where I live?  Can anyone in the country or world join?

Of course anyone can join.  Anyone, meaning YOU.  Yes, you.  One of the main reasons we’ve created the FFCrew is to give our ladies—of all ages, paces, races, and body types—an opportunity to connect on a deeper level no matter where they live or what experience they have.

Q: Why are you doing this? What’s the drive behind it?

We’ve always known, literally since the beginning of this journey, that creating meaningful spaces for women to connect is mission-critical. As our community continued to grow, it became clear that we need toto take this vision to the next step and create a more meaningful experience for the hundreds of women who have been asking for it.  FFCrew is our way of getting interested women even more involved and even more inspired, so we can continue to have each others backs as we move into our futures.

IMG_5051We love supporting women who are setting goals, taking on life’s challenges and seeing what they are truly capable of. We love sweaty smiles, glorious attempts, gritty lessons and fierce connections. We lead this movement by sharing our own stories and staying real, honest and truthful about the challenges and journey.

We would love to have you join us!
Mel & Tori