Declare It Day


Our Declare It Day Gift to You

Screenshot 2015-02-03 16.34.39When we launched Declare It Day in 2012, we wanted to create an inviting space for women to not just declare goals but also feel supported in the process. Over the past two years, thousands of women have joined our goal-setting community and we’re continuously humbled by the response.

As promised, we wanted to make sure you were 110% supported in your journey and his year, to give you even more resources, we’ve created a beautiful, 20+ page journal-style guide to get you started and to keep you motivated.

Our Fellow Flowers Girls Guide to Goal Setting shares why goals matter, the power of mindset and overcoming fears. We speak honestly about our journey – the epic failures, and the glorious successes.

And here’s the thing – we’re giving it to you for free. You heard us… dollars. The more we read it and the more feedback we received, the more we realized that this guide grounded us more and more deeply into our philosophy of creating a united community for women to honor, share and celebrate their goals, stories and journeys.

Because, really, this is about you.

We hope that you cherish and use the Fellow Flowers Guide to Goal Setting throughout the year as inspiration and a practical tool when the goals seems a little too far out of reach or the road seems a little dim.

When you join the Declare It Day movement, you are becoming the champion of your goals for 2015. It’s you betting on YOU. It’s you believing in YOU. It’s making this the year of not just setting goals, but fully and intentionally understanding WHY you are working toward them.

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Ready to Achieve for Declare It Day 2015

Written by Fellow Flower, Walisa Dickson, Brunswick, OH


I declared it. I focused on it. I did it! Goal accomplished (with a smile)!

On Declare It Day (DID) 2014, I declared to run my first full marathon at the Detroit Free Press Marathon event. I registered on January 1, 2014. Writing my declaration on a certificate, taking a picture and declaring it online in front of thousands of other women made it SUPER real.


My 2014 Journey and Preparing for 2015

The journey to the full marathon event day was exciting, motivating, over-anticipated and stressful. The journey and lessons learned will help me prepare for Declare It Day 2015 (February 7, 2015).

I plan to participate in DID 2015 because the courage, strength and amount of support I gained from DID 2014 was phenomenal. The declaration I made remained in my mind the entire time I trained, which provided a bit of a push and didn’t allow me to give up. DID 2014 also helped me stay focused.


Setting Two Goals, Driven by Courage

Written by Green Fellow Flower, Jennifer Gard, Rockford, MI

I was fortunate to discover Fellow Flowers in August 2012. I can honestly say that it has taken my running to another level!

My Declare It Day (DID) 2014 goals were:

1. Run with a friend and first time marathon runner for a sub 4:00 hour marathon time—achieved!

2. Run a half marathon in 1:45, which scared me more than any other running goal I’d ever said out loud! This was a more personal goal for me.

Accepting the Challenge, With Courage

DID 2014I got through the marathon in May to achieve goal number one and felt good about goal number two, although I knew it’d be a challenge. I had some great training runs and in the last couple of weeks leading up to the half marathon (which was in September) I had an amazing 10 mile training run with a 7:45 pace. I was so excited and pumped! It definitely was a morale booster. The weekend of the race I was a nervous wreck. When I say things out loud, I want to achieve them so bad!

I chose the Green Flower—Courage! In the half marathon, I was running with another friend of mine and we agreed we could split up if need be. I started out strong, running on pace for the first 10-11 miles, then I slowed way down and “hit a wall.” The “I can’t do this” voices in my head came rushing at me and as the 1:45 pacers ran passed me. I felt defeated and deflated; it just sucked! I crossed the finish line at 1:46.


United by a Goal and a Flower

Written by Turquoise Fellow Flower, Heather Bellian, Ohio

Check my 2014 “Declare It Day” goals off the list!

This is a (true) story of how two women, who had never met, were united by a goal and a flower, which helped them developed a friendship along the way.

Supporting Each Other and Finding Our Flower

A few hours after I posted my “Declare It Day” goal on February 1, 2014, I received a message from Tami.

Tami: Are you doing the Half Ironman in Muncie? I noticed the dates on our goals were the same.

Me (in my head): Yes! After mustering the courage to publicly state what had been mulling around in my head for months, I was a little horrified that someone had actually noticed what I had declared! Wait, she was crazy enough to do the same thing. I think I’m going to like this girl!


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