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Iron Flower: Erin’s inspiring journey to Kona (including raising over $25,000!)

Let’s cheer on Fellow Flower Erin Byrge as she races the Ironman World Championship tomorrow in Kona!!! (She is bib #1480.) Read more about Erin’s incredible and inspiring journey to Kona.

img_2312So Erin, where do you live?

I live in Macomb, MI, which is a suburb of Detroit.

How long have you been a Fellow Flower?

It has been about 2 years.

Where/how did you find out about Fellow Flowers?

Since I started doing Triathlons in 2012, I  have always set 3 goals for each race. I called (and still do) the biggest goal my ROCKSTAR goal. At the 2014 Detroit Goddess Expo, I saw the Rockstar Statement Tee from across the room – I had to have it. I reached my Rockstar Goal at that Race and proudly wore that shirt every chance I got. I did not buy a flower that day, but the seed was planted.

Soon after that, Erica Hill did a story on Fellow Flowers in conjunction with a race she was racing in. I cried watching that story. I was on vacation with my family, but I called my best friend immediately after that story and we jumped online and ordered our first flowers. Mine was green for courage.


Rebecca’s Flower It Forward mission: To be like Janet


Rebecca Hildebrandt

FF Crew + FF Blog Contributor + Runner

I come from a long line of strong, amazing women. One of the amazing ladies in my family – my Aunt Janet – had been battling cancer for 3 years and last July, we learned that she had very few days left with us on this earth. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend much of her last week with her until she passed away and was incredibly honored to give the eulogy at her funeral.

I spoke about what she meant to me and all those who loved her – about all the wonderful qualities I had inherited from her, her tendency to give out full sized candy bars for Halloween and what one of her neighbors had said about her: “If you didn’t like Janet, there was something wrong with you. Because really, more people should be like Janet.”

I left her service that day feeling like I wanted to do something to honor her life in a way that would be meaningful to me  and that she would be proud of.



#GRIT – Q&A with Susan Langeland


dsc_1480Interview with Susan Langeland

FF Crew + FF Blog Contributor + runner & triathlete

Want to pick up Susan’s GRIT tank?  Get it here!

Where do you live?
I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

How long have you been a Fellow Flower?
I fell in love with Fellow Flowers in 2012.  I have been a FF Crew member for 2 years.  I’ve met so many amazing people through Fellow Flowers.  Some of these people are right here in my local community but so many more are across the country.  I am amazed and thankful for all of the connections I have made both directly and virtually through Fellow Flowers.

Where/how did you find out about Fellow Flowers?
I found Fellow Flowers at the 2012 Grand Rapids Marathon, my first marathon.  I didn’t buy a flower at the expo.  I wasn’t sure.  I loved their messages, but would I really put a flower in my hair while I run?  The next day, I finished my marathon and my mindset completely changed.  I earned that new title of marathoner and those flowers meant so much more to me after the race.  Let’s just say, I have a few (okay a lot!!!) of Fellow Flowers items now!


#justlove – Q&A with Walisa Dickson


Interview with Walisa Dickson
FF Crew + FF Blog Contributor + runner

Pssst: Walisa is ROCKING our fab new #justlove red tank. Grab yours here!

Where do you currently call home?
I currently reside in Brunswick, OH (#GoBlue!)

How long have you been a Fellow Flower?
4 years! And I’m proud to say I’ve been part of the FFCrew for the past 2 years.

How did you find out about Fellow Flowers?
I came upon Fellow Flowers via chatter in another running community. A group of women raved about a fun, motivational, supportive group for Women. What?? Women supporting Women? I had to check it out! I followed FF and loved the message and similarities amongst the women who needed that reassurance we can achieve goals we put our focus to accomplishing. It was a community about more than just fitness, but strength, love, and an abundance of support. I stayed.

What is one goal you are chasing right now?
I am training to complete my 3rd FULL Marathon, the Chicago Marathon on October 9th. Finish lines, not finish times.

What’s one word to describe you in this moment:
#Fierce (positive mental spirit). I am on fire with determination to crush training goals.


A Great First Interval Workout for Any Woman Runner

By Heidi Knapp
Coach and co-owner at Ironworx Multisport

Okay ladies, here’s the deal. Getting faster requires you to run faster on purpose. Speedwork gets a bad wrap for being intimidating but once you learn how to incorporate it into your running routine, it can become your best friend. Whether you want to chase that elusive 2 hour half marathon, PR a 5K, train for Boston or just see what your body is capable of, speedwork is the most effective (and efficient) way to get you there. You just have to be willing to run fast to run faster :)

Other ways speedwork helps:

– It teaches your body to run faster than your targeted pace for given distances. So, if you want to run a 9 minute mile on race day, adding interval training where you push yourself to hold an 8 minute mile deepens the muscle strength and memory for you to manage your target race day pace.
– It just makes you a stronger runner, period. You’ll be able to dig deeper when it hurts, endure through pains and finish strong.
– Speedwork improves your running efficiency – By running at faster speeds, you become more efficient running at slower speeds.
TIME. Instead of mindlessly running for 60 minutes, you can crush a hard 30 minute speed training workout and know it’s making a huge difference.

Here are a few workout options to get you started. Now, don’t try to be a hero out of the gate – if you’ve never done speedwork before, start slow and build over time. If you’re committed to incorporating speedwork into your weekly running regimen, I would recommend one workout per week to start.

All workouts start with a warm-up.

Choose one of these two options. If you have never attempted speed training before and/or are new to running, go with the newcomer option. If you are an experienced runner and/or accustomed to elevating your heart rate and breathing, try the advanced recommendation.

Newcomer Warm-up Recommendation:
5 minutes of easy run or walk
Dynamic stretches (Try this stretch routine via Runner’s World.)
Another 5 minutes of warm-up running

Advanced Warm-up Recommendation:
1/2 mile easy run or walk
Dynamic stretches (Try this stretch routine via Runner’s World.)
Additional 1/2 mile running warm-up running


SHE Rocks Recipes

Six easy-peazy, healthy and delicious recipes to keep you fueled up, energized throughout the day, recovered and ready to hit the pavement. When it comes to making food, I try to approach recipes with simple values:

Is it real or made with nutritious ingredients? Is it balanced? Is this a reasonable portion?


My Village

Author pic By Torre Summers
FF Crew + FF Blog Contributor + runner

I have a village of women who have inspired me, who have been my rocks, cheerleaders and support system. They have seen me on my best day and have seen me face down in the arena on some of the worst days in my life.  They have always believed, always loved and always accepted me for me.


No Time for Fear



Photo Apr 01, 7 32 33 AM By Brandi Wolf
FCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner + blogger

You know how some days you grab a cup of coffee with your BFF just to talk about your favorite clothes and running shoes and lip gloss?  Then other days you need her to talk through the really important stuff?  Get cozy friends, it’s an “important stuff” kind of day!


Honoring Your Reality and Getting Back in the Game

2By Jen Brydges
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner



I started running to lose weight and, in the process, I fell in love with it. Like hard core love. I became a fairly decent runner and 26.2 is my very favorite distance.

When I got pregnant, I vowed to be the healthiest pregnant person you’d ever met. I was going to workout and continue running and it would be awesome. And then the puking started. And it was brutal. There were days when getting out of bed was the hardest thing in the world. Once I was out of bed, I was sick. All. Day. Long. But, I tried to look on the bright side – my baby was ok, I was technically “fine” and we were moving right along. It had to stop at some point, right?


Be Where My Feet Are


ironman finish



By Karen Neuser
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner + Ironman


This is the story I posted on my Facebook page the week of Ironman.  Needless to say, Fellow Flowers and Declare It Day were a huge part of it.  My friends held another Declare It Day ceremony the day I registered for Ironman, just to make it official. Here is my story…  

It’s Ironman Week! As race day approaches, I can’t help but remember and reflect on how and why I started this amazing journey. These 4 photos tell a large part of the story.


Dare to Declare; It Just Could Change Your Life


Holly - 01.14.16



By Holly Tucci
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner


Declare It Day 2015 truly held exponential magnitude in the goals that I set and how my life has significantly changed in the last year.  I hosted a DID event just three weeks after my most recent heart surgery.  I knew going into DID that I wanted to really stretch myself. Being surrounded by women, absolutely incredible and wonderful women that were also stretching and aiming to improve themselves I felt that I could make things happen. So I did.


How Finding My ‘Why’ Helped Me Find Myself Again

   2015-02-07 22.29.29-1

By Melissa Carr
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner + Her Madison Half lead ambassador



Declare it Day 2015 was a huge part of one of the most transformative years of my life. A month earlier, after a friend challenged me, I had signed up for Her Madison Half Marathon. Never having run more than 4 miles, and not being a natural athlete, this goal terrified me. I truly didn’t know how I would do it.


Are You Saying Yes to You? (The real you?)

As Declare It Day draws near, three #FFCrew members share how success is measured by more than a checklist, and why this year’s goals might look a little different than before.



By Karen Pederson
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner

As I approach my third Declare it Day with Fellow Flowers, I’ve spent a good amount of time reflecting on my past goals and trying to determine what it is I want for myself in 2016. My first DID goal was to run a 10K and a total of 500 miles.  I crushed that goal – and 2 half marathons.  The following year, my goal was to run 5 half marathons and PR at least one of them.  Crushed that goal too!


The Power of Declaring an Un-goal

Facebook-20151203-102734By Kathy Sebright
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner, author, founder, Team Emmett

Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you: I am a go-getter, a self-motivated doer, a driven list-maker, and someone who thrives on checking completed goals off of that list. It’s just who I am, a perfectionist control freak with a wildly stubborn streak. I’m a joy to live with. Truly.  All kidding aside, I do have very high expectations for myself and I don’t allow any deviations in my plans. I crave the stability and control that comes with having clear cut goals in front of me that simply need to be completed.

Last year, for Declare It Day, I set a pretty lofty goal for myself. I was going to run two 100 mile races, one of those races in less than 24 hours, and in my “spare time” finish writing my very first book. All in the same year. Did I mention I’m also married with two young children, one with special needs? Or that I work part-time and hold two separate volunteer positions? Or that I’m also involved in nearly everything that my life touches, church, school, and  more? Or that I’m a typical over-achiever who is guilty of attaching my entire self-worth to my accomplishments?


A /White/ Flower with Goals

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 7.42.37 PM


By Brandi Wolf
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner, blogger


Goals are a funny thing.  Growing up my dad was constantly saying, “You gotta have goals!”  I can still hear him every time I come up with larger than life plans for my family or myself … “But what are your goals?  How are you going to make that happen?”  

I’m a Dreamer at heart, which is great for conjuring up new goals or plans or resolutions … but in the past I have been seriously lacking in the logistics department.

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