The Flower

Twelve different colors all representing different reasons, stories and purposes behind why we run. They are the true words spoken and inspired by real women. The flower is a symbol of friendship, strength and beauty. It represents your journey – the miles and the moments. The training and the transformation. The realization that your body is strong, and that your mind is even stronger. And it unites – this flower is rooted in friendship. Reminding us that we are in this together – always.


Which color represents your journey?

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So, what’s with the flower anyway?

The infamous question. The one asked so many times we’ve lost track. When you’re wearing it, it calls out for curiosity and inquiry. After all, it’s a bright orange flower you’ve stuck in your hair – you better be able to explain it.

Let’s start with this… here’s what it’s NOT.

It’s NOT about mileage or intervals, how fast you run, how slow you run or how many races you’ve completed.

It’s NOT about one flower being better, faster or finishing before another. In fact, most of the time, it’s not even about the running.

We are NOT a clique with a “member only” mindset. We are a community that wants to share. Always.

We all know that running changes us in a mental toughness kind of way. Pushing your body to do more than you ever thought possible, being proud of yourself, accomplished, and healthy. It’s a cornerstone. It’s the beginning. It’s fundamental.

An unmistakable symbol and an unspoken bond of connection.

More than anything, the flower has become a powerful way for women to unite, support and belong within the running community.
It doesn’t care about your age, your body type, your goal, or your pace.
It embraces the journey within each of us.
It tears down barriers and shines a light in the places where we are all connected.
The flower reminds us – especially when our insecurities tempt us inward – that we are not alone.

It’s feeling and embodying these things with a group of women that get it. Who are proud of you. Who understand and connect with you. Who are your constant cheer leaders.

It’s connecting with one another, sharing in life’s struggles and triumphs, laughing, shedding tears, running, gathering, dancing, drinking cocktails, and most importantly feeling like we belong to something. We are similar and different and no one cares. We wear the flower as a symbol of unity.

It’s as simple as strangers looking at us and saying to themselves, ‘Hmmm, well, they must all go together.’ We sure do, people. We sure do.

How to wear it.

Women wear and display them in many different ways. Here are just a few.

  • In a ponytail – big, small, short, long – all sizes
  • Tucked in a visor or hat
  • Snugged into a headband or barrette
  • Clipped to a race bib
  • Clipped to a race tank or sleeve
  • Woven into shoelaces
  • Snugged into running belts
  • And after race day, the flowers look great hanging near your bathroom mirror, in your office, in your car…anywhere you need a little inspiration.

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