Our Philosophy

Our philosophy.

We honor the reality and truth that training for a race – any race – can change you, forever. We embrace the notion that one foot in front of the other isn’t just about mileage, routes, and pavement. It’s about life, friendship and defining yourself on your own terms. And this, our Fellow Flowers, is a transformation worth sharing and celebrating.

In this crazy life, clarity of purpose is our greatest power. We connect through our passions, unite through our differences and inspire through our stories. We release dreams. We reveal fears. We dwell in possibility.

We are an Anthem. A beat. A movement. A clear and true path to self-realization. There are no starting blocks. There is no finish line. We run simply because we get to.

Creating a space to honor, share and celebrate…

Where the focus is on transformation, not just the training.
Where we honor the moments, not just the miles.
Where it doesn’t matter if you’re the first to cross the finish line or if you’re embarking on your first ever race.
We connect through passions, unite through differences and inspire through stories.

Fellow Flowers – if nothing else – is a vessel. We’ve put words to feelings that women already own. We’ve put colors to meanings that women already feel. And through a simple flower, we’ve encouraged women to embrace the strength and beauty that has always been within them. And when one woman releases her story, it gives another woman the courage to define her own. That is the movement we hope to serve. The difference we want to make.

Real women… real stories.

Women ask us all of the time, “How did this all begin? Where did you get the idea?” And the honest answer is really quite simple. We lived it.

This is why women get it, and why tears well up in their eyes when they read a statement that represents their essence or their own story. It’s why they round up their girlfriends to come and read the philosophy or all end up buying orange statement tees. It’s why a precious old woman reads the orange statement card, cries and buys a shirt and a flower to send to a dear friend and why an overweight woman who is there to cheer her daughter on gets emotional when her daughter buys her a purple tee. “It won’t fit,” the mom whispers to her daughter. “It will next year when you’re here running with me,” was her response.

There is power in putting something real out there. Something women can relate to. If this was made up, it could never work. We tell our story over and over again – with great and sincere enthusiasm every time. There is great power in sharing an experience.

More than just running.

We have created a space where women feel valued, heard and accepted, where their stories are honored and celebrated, and where there is a constant invitation to discover and embrace their true selves…in running, and in life.

We always joke – we’re a running company that actually doesn’t focus on running. There, we said it.

  • We go beyond the mileage and focus on the moments.
  • We build community – not around ‘how far’ or ‘how fast’ but rather ‘how did that run make you feel?’ and ‘why do you run?’
  • We offer opportunities for sharing and connecting that are built on warmth, friendship and a continual invitation to discover, empower and ‘uncork the crazy.’
  • We design and deliver fun and meaningful products and apparel for women to celebrate their journey and accomplishments.
  • Everyone is welcome. Everyone is a super hero. Every woman deserves to be celebrated.

You don’t have to be a runner…mm-kay?

“Do I have to be a runner?” This question comes up a lot. Women embracing our message, but unsure if their journey counts, fits or will be accepted.

I’m a biker, not a runner – does it matter?
I have to walk before I run – do I still count?
I wear my flower to boot camp – is that okay?
I just want to embrace what this stands for – can I be part of it?
I run, but I don’t consider myself a runner – am I breaking any rules?

Okay, everybody say it with us on the count of three…1…2…(drum roll)…YES, it counts!

Yes, every journey counts. Every step forward matters. Any time a woman declares herself worthy of a passion or finish line, it should be celebrated. We are about putting one foot in front of the other. We seek to create a space where women feel empowered to speak their dreams, conquer their fears and share their stories. We hope to crush the unspoken silos of ‘it’s just me’ and help women embrace and accept the universal truths that are just beneath the surface – in all of us.


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