The Many Hats I Wear:
I fall asleep in less than 1 minute. I teach at a gym at 6 am. I usually wear my clothes to bed. I wake up ready – every second counts. My first phone call of the day – every day – is to my sister (even at 5 a.m.)

I am a single Mom. I own a 15 year-old “Hockey Star” athletic daughter. She is my sidekick, my roommate. I work my ass off 17 hours a day when I don’t have her. I own “The Studio.” I manage, educate & grow 17 amazing stylists – I create and design people – it’s a gift I was given.
I laugh a lot- especially when I shouldn’t.  Everything that I need to survive is usually in my car. I have another life in Duluth, MN. I always order desert first. I was born on New Years Day – I like to think that the whole world celebrates my birthday (they just don’t know it). I never want to miss a party. I grew up with a mom who was diagnosed with M.S. – this has made me strong. 
What makes your heart pound?  

The color ORANGE – Food- shoes- white eyeliner-sunrises- friends- keurig- beaches, waterfalls – my teenage driver*
What gets you up in the morning?  

5 miles @ 5 am with girlfriends. I never wanna miss out on a party. And my Keurig. What keeps me up at night? Never enough time.

What’s your guilty pleasure? 


What do you say to the woman who says she doesn’t think she can run? 

I actually answer this question often:  You Can. You have 2 legs (they are not metal.) You are not fighting Cancer. You are not bedridden. Your body was born to run.  You will not like to run. You will love being able to run. I did not like to run. I ran for 13 seconds not 13 minutes or 13 miles. You can do anything you want.  Appreciate the choice to run or not to run.  You have the choice – you get the choice. Those that have no choice…well, they have no choice. My Mom, well, she has no choice.  WE DO.  “Get up – or I am going to pin this bib onto your Corset.”

How do you want the world to remember you?  

Spontaneous. She worked Hard- but she always Played Harder.

What running shoe are you most loyal to? 

I am loyal to no one. Neutral foot -If its Orange- Its mine.  Addicted to shoes anyway-  There is and never will be a brand I do not own.

What’s your go-to flower color and why? 

Orange. If I could be the color orange, I would. If you know me at all orange is me – I own everything orange.

Secret super power?
I’m a cutter – every shape cheese cutter-cucumber dicer-lemon peeler-melon baller-lawn cutting-flat top tree buzzer- and Scissors- I’m beyond amazing with them – these babies came with a Life Insurance Policy.  I’m definitely a Cutter (in a good way.)

Who inspires you the most? 

Inspired-driven-loved unconditionally by my dad.  

What are the five words that best define you? 

Spontaneous, Survivor, Strong, Healthy, Creative

Caffeinated beverage choice? And how often you do you need one?
Chocolate shake. Breakfast, lunch and dinner (I do this more often than I should)

Pet peeves?

Travel destination on this earth that’s calling your name?  

Italy….. (FOOD)

Why do you run? 

Because my life is “BETTER” for it.  I am a “BETTER EVERYTHING” after a RUN.

The time of day that I love to run the most is…
What’s the life lesson you want to pass on to your children? 

Forgiveness will always set you free. You are braver than you believe. You are stronger than you seem. You are Smarter than you think.

First words that come to your mind when you think of crossing a finish line?

Fuck Yes.

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