The various ‘hats’ I wear:
My Hats… I spent 11 years working for the Palace of Auburn Hills and Detroit Pistons, saving money to move “home” (Marquette, MI.) It was always my goal to one day have children and move back to Marquette and raise them and live close to all my family. So once that was possible I made it happen. I packed up my kids and husband and we moved home. Now I work part time selling for Xerox and the other part raising my two boys Kody and Kyle. Any free time I get is when I fit my running in, coaching kids soccer, playing and watching hockey throughout our long winters, spending time with my parents, brothers, sister in laws and my 6 nieces and nephews. Oh, and of course I add time to be super wife to my wonderful husband Kevin.

What makes your heart pound?

Dogs – I am a sucker for them, cocker spaniels especially. Oh, and guys wearing hats backwards! It’s the little “crush” I have.

What gets you up in the morning? What keeps you up at night?
Kody and Kyle my two adorable boys get me up in the morning…LITERALLY! I’d sleep in like a teenager if I could. At night, not too much keeps me up, my favorite thing to do at night is cuddle up with my kids and fall asleep with them in my arms – yes, I am that mom who loves having her kids sleep in our bed!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Bloody Marys! I love Sunday Funday.

What do you say to the woman who says she doesn’t think she can run?
If you can put one foot in front of the other you can run!

How do you want the world to remember you?

Laughter, I love laughing!

What running shoe are you most loyal to?


What’s your go-to flower color and why?

Yellow! It’s exactly why I run – “because I get to.” Life is so short and the yellow flower represents laughter, happiness, authenticity and to just live life!

Secret super power?

Catching things. I laugh when I type this cause I’m not sure it’s really a super power, but it is the one thing that keeps coming back to my head when I read the question. My husband always tells me I can catch anything he throws at me so guess I have quick hands or I am just so anal I don’t want to drop anything!

Who inspires you the most?
My mother, she is what I strive to be like every day.

What are the five words that best define you?
Family, outgoing, spoiled, laughter and reliable.

Caffeinated beverage choice?
And how often you do you need one? 
Black coffee with ice- a cup a day works perfect!

Pet peeves?
Waiting. Patience is not my strong point, I try to work on it every day but if there is a set time for something it was set for a reason.

Travel destination on this earth that’s calling your name?

Italy, I am Italian and I have distant relatives who have traveled to the U.S. to meet me so I would love to travel there to see their life and where we came from. And, of course, to eat all the pasta I can!

Why do you run? 

Cause I can and of course to be fit and toned! I have worked out pretty much my whole life, I was an athlete growing up and played college basketball so working out was a daily sometimes twice a day “must do’s” so over the many years of all different types of workouts I have learned that running is one of the best overall workouts for a healthy and fit body and mind.

The time of day that I love to run the most is…
When I get to! My 2 boys come first, so when I can fit it in, I do. If I could choose I would pick morning because it just makes me feel the best for that day!

What’s the life lesson you want to pass on to your children?
Live, laugh, love! It is tattooed to my neck and it pretty much explains itself.

First words that come to your mind when you think of crossing a finish line?
Hell yes I am done!!!

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