Original Flowers

If you know our story, then you know why these women are so damn amazing. Without them, Fellow Flowers wouldn’t exist. They were the first ones to cross a finish line wearing a flower. They were the first to share their stories. And they are the inspiration behind many of the Statement Cards we have created. We always say – Fellow Flowers is so much bigger than us – and these women represent exactly why that is so, so true.

We celebrate these incredible women and their stories because in everything we do as a company – we look backward as much as we do forward. It keeps us grounded. It helps us remember where our journey started. They remind us of the power in vulnerability, doing it scared and releasing dreams to the world. They inspire us to keep connecting other women to this experience – because it can change lives.

And these women have some amazing stories. You’ll inevitably see yourself in one of them – in their perspective on life, kids, work, family, friendship and running. In their stories of courage, strength and resilience. In their humor, laughter and smiles.

:: Original :: The beginning of something. Offering something new to the world. The foundation.


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