We get a lot of questions. Here’s a list of the ones we hear a lot. If you don’t see yours here, no problem – contact us here and shoot us an email.

What is Fellow Flowers?

We are a women’s running movement that honors, shares and celebrates the reasons why women run…because we believe that every woman has a story and every woman runs with a purpose. We offer running flowers, apparel and products for women putting one foot in front of the other, whether that’s in running or in life. We have built an amazing community for women to share their stories, build friendships and collectively, realize their true greatness and self worth.

Why the flower?

Read our story. It’ll make perfect sense.

Um, do I need to know a secret handshake or something to become a Fellow Flower?

No. Never. There are no requirements to become a Fellow Flower. If you’ve read our story and understand what the flower represents, we hope you’ve realized that everyone is welcome. Always. We aren’t an exclusive running group with a list of intimidating expectations or rules. Becoming a Fellow Flower is actually 100% up to you. If you can answer this one question, you’re totally in.

Can you: Give yourself a chance? Tell yourself you’re worth it? Love yourself enough to take the journey?

Is there an age requirement to be a Fellow Flower?

Nope. Flowers in Training and Late Bloomers are welcome. Always.

Do you have your own Fellow Flowers races or events that I can participate in?

We currently do not have a running series, but we do have a national event coming up (details coming soon) so be sure to get on our email list for more information.

I am involved with Girls on the Run (GOTR) and would love to purchase some flowers/products for my team. Is there any type of discount for this?

GOTR is a program very close to our hearts and we believe strongly in its mission. Teaching and empowering young girls to embrace and celebrate who they are is critical – we believe this for ourselves, our communities, and as mothers, for our own little girls. We serve on the GOTR board of directors in our local community and whenever possible, support the efforts of this tremendous movement. Many of the women whom we talk with at expos are the parent or coach of young girl that has experienced the joys of GOTR, and it is beautiful to see. We are happy to provide a discount to GOTR coaches so they can provide their entire team with flowers. To inquire further, contact us directly.

I just placed an order – when should I expect it to arrive?

It depends! We process every order ourselves and do our best to get them out quickly. All apparel is custom printed in-house and we do print in some batches to increase efficiency. All packages are shipped via USPS first-class mail and should be shipped out within 7-10 business days from the time of purchase. Exceptions include pre-orders and special ‘limited time’ purchase windows. We place orders after these windows have closed, thus your items will ship 7-10 business days from the end of this order window, not your specific date of purchase. Also, we cannot rush or overnight packages so plan ahead and order early!

There is something wrong with my order – who do I contact to get it fixed?

Contact us directly and let us know the issue.

I’m running for a great cause in my upcoming race – can Fellow Flowers donate anything toward my efforts?

We get several requests each month from amazing women, all with worthy causes, fundraising efforts and donation needs. At this time, we are not able to donate money toward individual race and fundraising efforts. That said, we will always consider providing individual or team discounts on our flowers and merchandise that will directly help your fundraising efforts.

I would love to represent Fellow Flowers in my local area – do you have any type of ambassador program set up?

Yes! Our amazing FFCrew is a membership-style community of women who support the mission of Fellow Flowers on many levels. This community includes a closed Facebook group, exclusive access to information and events, sweet swag (think running tank and trucker hats) and the opportunity to volunteer with us at national events and expos. This community has become a huge part of our growth and will continue to grow in the coming year. Registration for the FFCrew is currently closed. Click here to sign-up on the FFCrew notification list. This is the ONLY list that receives information about FFCrew registration.

I have a great race/event that totally speaks to what Fellow Flowers stands for – can you promote it?

Unfortunately, no, we can’t. We receive many requests each month – all amazing – and in fairness to our entire community, we no longer promote events that we are not personally or professionally participating in.

Can I sell your products in my store? And do you offer any items at wholesale prices?

Currently we do not offer wholesale pricing or opportunities for retailers.

I’d like to license the Fellow Flowers messages and words for my products, is this possible?

We would need to know more about your business to answer this. Contact us with your business opportunity.

I don’t see my favorite color. Can you make me a custom flower?

We’re sorry, no, we can not. We’ve come to honor the process of how our flower colors are chosen and the words are written. Truthfully, the meanings speak to us when they’re ready – it sounds funny, but that is how all of them have been created. We’re really careful not to veer from this process – so far it’s worked pretty well. That said – we LOVE hearing your ideas. Throw em’ out there. It might just be the creative spark and inspiration we need.

Are you guys based in the Midwest? Will you come to my neck of the woods anytime soon?

We are a company dedicated to inspiring and connecting with women all over the country. You can view our events calendar to see all of our upcoming races and expos – we’re doing our best to reach various parts of the country this year. If you don’t see a race near you, let us know – we’re always interested in hearing about great opportunities. Most importantly, we don’t actually have to be at the race for YOU to be there as a Fellow Flower. Represent girl! Get your flower, inspire your friends and get a crew signed up! Who knows – if you start gathering a small army of Flowers for your race, we just might have to show up!

I’m a dude, but I’m digging what’s happening here. And I want to support some rock star women I know – will alarms sound if I wear some flower gear?

We love when our Flower Fellas get out and support the amazing women in their lives! Very often, it’s men who purchase a flower for their wife, sister, daughter or friend as a gift – letting those women know they are supporting their journey. We also have some awesome friends who just want to support the purpose behind Fellow Flowers – there is no alarm that will sound off for that, ever.

Can’t I just go to Target or Michael’s and buy myself a flower?

Don’t make Tori hunt you down and steal your glue gun. Remember this – you are worth it. Think of all the things you spend money on. Now think of all the things you spend money on for other people. This is for you – you deserve it. And plus, Michael’s doesn’t have a sweet Statement Card for your bathroom mirror. There, we said it.

I’d love to buy a ton of flowers for my (insert group name, organization, cause-related race team here.) Do you have special offers for large groups?

Good question. Depending on group size, this may be a possibility, but no guarantees. When you email us, please include your organization or group, how many flowers you’ll need, if you have specific dates for an event and also why you are interested in Fellow Flowers. From there, we’ll get in touch. You start the convo by emailing us here.

I’ll be wearing my flower for an upcoming race, is there anything special I should be doing pre or post race?

Hydrate. Go to the bathroom. Stretch. Wear your chip. Ha. Just kidding.
We’d love for you to share your photo from race day. If you post race day pics on Facebook, tag us – please! If you have a sweet picture for our website’s photo gallery – send it to us. We don’t want to miss the party! There is an easy option on our website to ‘share your photo & story’ – take us up on it. It might just be our favorite part of this whole crazy adventure – seeing photos from women from all over the country on their race days, smiling, glowing and wearing their flowers.

I kind of want to rock my flower out on the town tonight? Are they reserved for just running or can I add it as a permanent accessory for my wardrobe?

Take one look at our photo gallery and that should answer your question!

I’m looking for a group of women to run with – can Fellow Flowers help me find some runners in my area?

Gosh we hope so! Our goal is to connect women who run – online and on the pavement. We hope that our race/expo schedule will help to inspire women in various parts of the country to start running together. We’re working on some other fun ways to make this happen, including a log-in community within our website. That’ll be the sweet spot for women who want to connect, share, schedule runs, plan race meet-ups, etc. In the mean time, put yourself out there on our Facebook page! Sometimes that is all it takes.

It’s intimidating – the idea of walking out in public with a flower in my hair on race day. Will people laugh at me? Will I look silly?

Okay, say it with us: Put yourself out there.
Now, try saying this: Who the hell cares what other people think. I look freakin fabulous.
Oh, and this one always works too: Tackle them, steal their water bottle, run and yell, “Who’s laughing now!” Ha – just kidding – we’ve never done that.

Do I have to be a runner to wear a flower?

No. No. No! It’s a question we get a lot, and we answer it the same every time. “Run, walk, cartwheel, tuck-n-roll – it doesn’t matter.” We just want women to be on the move – going from one place to another. Maybe it’s a physical journey like signing up for a race, starting to walk with friends or getting to the gym once a week. Or, perhaps it’s a journey of a different kind. Self-realization, empowerment, strength, courage, finding your passion. The journey of a flower has no parameters, rules or restrictions. It’s all up to you.

How do I wear the flower?

Great question. First, it’s not limited to a ponytail. Here’s a short list of how we’ve seen it worn:

  • In a ponytail – big, small, short, long – all sizes
  • Tucked in a visor or hat
  • Snugged into a headband or barrette
  • Clipped to a race bib
  • Clipped to a race tank or sleeve
  • Woven into shoelaces
  • Snugged into running belts
  • And after race day, the flowers look great hanging near your bathroom mirror, in your office, in your car…anywhere you need a little inspiration.
  • And the list goes on and on…

Group discounts on flowers – do you give them? And how can you hook me up?

Okay, here’s the deal. If you have a large group and you are hoping for a discount, you can’t do it via our online store. We’re working on a new snazzy shopping cart system that will allow for that, but for now, it’s not an option. If you have a large group and would like to inquire about a group discount (on flowers only – this doesn’t apply to apparel), please email us and we’ll see what’s possible. Typically, we only offer group discounts for groups of 25 or more women, but we’re also suckers for a great story…try us anyway.

I’m seeing a lot of flowers on your website that don’t look like the ones you’re currently selling in the online shop – what gives?

Oh boy – if you guys knew how many flower styles, clips, glue, petals and dazzles we’ve combed through these past months, your head would spin. Many of the women on our site have been part of our group for quite some time – as such, they’ve been our guinea pigs on new styles. The chances are pretty good that in many of our photos, they are wearing flowers from the ‘early days.’ But, you’re getting a fine tuned, tried and true, sweet ass flower that has the best of everything – we promise.

My organization is interested in partnering with Fellow Flowers for an upcoming race/community event? Is this something you guys do?

We’re always interested in partnering with community causes. Shoot us an email.

Wait – I’m confused. If you guys are all running, then who the hell is taking all these pictures?

Oh, you want to know our little secret do you? Well, let’s start with this…

If you’re ever running a race with your flower…
and you see a guy suddenly stalking and chasing you…
and he’s wearing a Paul Frank shirt…
AND he’s got a camera in his hand…don’t run…POSE!

It’s our beloved friend and official Flower Fella Dave Mari. During our May 2011 race, one of our Original Flowers, Monica, fell at mile one. Dave, the good soul he is, stopped to help. And as he yelled, ‘Flower Down!’ he also snapped photos of her bloody chin, which now conjures up all sorts of hilarious memories. If you know Dave, you know photography is among his greatest loves, along with celebrating his joy and appreciation for running with his friends. His camera has captured more of our memories than we can count, and our website has his photos (and heart) strewn all over it. He runs WITH his camera, all in the hopes of spotting a flower – and if it’s you…hug him, thank him and make sure to show off that flower!


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