A /White/ Flower with Goals

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By Brandi Wolf
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner, blogger


Goals are a funny thing.  Growing up my dad was constantly saying, “You gotta have goals!”  I can still hear him every time I come up with larger than life plans for my family or myself … “But what are your goals?  How are you going to make that happen?”  

I’m a Dreamer at heart, which is great for conjuring up new goals or plans or resolutions … but in the past I have been seriously lacking in the logistics department.

But last year I stumbled upon Declare It Day.  Declaring your goals for the year – not a resolution (which generally don’t make it to Feb. 1), not a half-hearted “maybe, someday, I hope so” kind of plan but a declaration.

The difference, for me, was thalarge group DID 15t I was forced to write my goals down … and was kept accountable by my Runner Girls!  Pretty much any successful person anywhere will tell you there’s no sense chasing a goal you can’t define.  Writing out my goals made it “real” – writing them out on an official Declaration made it fun to hang on my bathroom mirror {for a while …we’ll get back to that}.

My goals?  One thing I learned is that my goals last year were too vague.  With the exception of my goal to run 500 miles, which I hit in September, the others felt more like wishes.

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Sometime last summer, I had taken the Declaration off my bathroom mirror.  Why? Because I felt like I wasn’t hitting my goals fast enough or well enough … not doing enough to make them happen.  Suddenly, I didn’t want anyone else to know I thought I was failing.

Can I tell you a secret?  The only definitive way to fail is to give up.   I didn’t know it at the time, but when I took that paper off my mirror I gave up.  I had the best of intentions – to continue on my own, without any accountability – then as soon as I felt accomplished I would share.  But … out of sight, out of mind, right?

As the days turned into weeks, those other goals were forgotten.  Sure, I would occasionally come across the paper buried on the desk in my room as I was cleaning but mostly, they were forgotten.

This year I am declaring to set more focused goals, put a plan in place to achieve each one, and to leave that Declaration on my bathroom mirror until they are all met!

Want to join me on February 6?  Everything you need to know is right {here}!  What will you declare?   

(Originally posted on Brandi’s blog, Java & Sole. Check out her awesome community!)

Declare It Day is February 6. 
Join us. Honor your journey, your reasons, your failures.
Be willing to fall… determined to rise.

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