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Be Where My Feet Are


ironman finish



By Karen Neuser
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner + Ironman


This is the story I posted on my Facebook page the week of Ironman.  Needless to say, Fellow Flowers and Declare It Day were a huge part of it.  My friends held another Declare It Day ceremony the day I registered for Ironman, just to make it official. Here is my story…  

It’s Ironman Week! As race day approaches, I can’t help but remember and reflect on how and why I started this amazing journey. These 4 photos tell a large part of the story.


Dare to Declare; It Just Could Change Your Life


Holly - 01.14.16



By Holly Tucci
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner


Declare It Day 2015 truly held exponential magnitude in the goals that I set and how my life has significantly changed in the last year.  I hosted a DID event just three weeks after my most recent heart surgery.  I knew going into DID that I wanted to really stretch myself. Being surrounded by women, absolutely incredible and wonderful women that were also stretching and aiming to improve themselves I felt that I could make things happen. So I did.


How Finding My ‘Why’ Helped Me Find Myself Again

   2015-02-07 22.29.29-1

By Melissa Carr
FFCrew + FF Blog contributor + runner + Her Madison Half lead ambassador



Declare it Day 2015 was a huge part of one of the most transformative years of my life. A month earlier, after a friend challenged me, I had signed up for Her Madison Half Marathon. Never having run more than 4 miles, and not being a natural athlete, this goal terrified me. I truly didn’t know how I would do it.


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